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View Word List Monday, March 8, 2004


667 Jimbo
663 babbled
655 practice
610 patty
582 Cheater
556 Bella
466 Yecats
420 coolioisjesus
408 eshadow
383 Michelle
349 NomadRon
346 Fantasy
265 Yvonne
263 Dottie
241 tommyslax
232 Beeyotch
210 lra
195 stillcrazy
183 defenestrate99
181 kimmi1366
169 LibraBear1
148 timg
141 aurora
123 hardheadedwoman
114 Beth
100 Sammer
78 Aimee
21 incender
12 donbiotik


9:12 am

Frustrating...was tied for 7th in the rankings yesterday with Kimchi. Thought for sure I did real well on yesterday's puzzle (came in 2nd but still far behind scothand). Now I dropped to 8th and Kimchi didn't even play! I would have been better off not playing!
Yeah, I understand how it works...just venting!
1:55 pm

1:59 pm

top 10 in the rankings is good. if your not using a dictionary to help find words you should be pretty happy with your standing.
2:21 pm

No dictionary...but I have picked up a lot of words by just checking out fellow Babblers' word lists the morning after.

Haven't played Scrabble in a while but my game may be considerably better now!

2:53 pm

just a question for scothand: dhoora????
4:04 pm

I take it "dhorra" was a word from secondhand's word list. oops meant scothand. yeah.... I use "dhorra" all the time. :)
4:27 pm

Yeacats (which is stacey backwords right?). That's what i do. If i didn't check the winners word list I never would have known that "aeons" was a word. Now i see it in the puzzle all the time.
4:55 pm

Cheater, Yeacats backwords is stacaey.
8:33 pm

RIght, cheater.
I'm embarrassed to admit that for a long time I didn't know you could see the other player's words by clicking on their name. Now I always try to check--it's a good learning tool (not that I'll ever remember what any of these words mean!).
8:36 pm

Unfortunately, "aeons" is NOT in this puzzle--nor is much of anything else--or am I just having a bad day (and night)???
Doesn't help that I"m trying to watch Real World/Road Rules Challenge at the same time....
9:50 pm

aeon is a variant of eon, a very long period of time.