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View Word List Tuesday, April 6, 2004


1127 practice
1119 coolioisjesus
1106 Michelle
1048 NomadRon
1036 humbert
1029 Desdemona
1023 uhhhlis
1007 eshadow
988 africajosh
966 Beeyotch
954 Now_a_Pumpkin
921 Dottie
919 jak
916 fussbudget
911 sacofat
884 ADL
874 Weiss
865 sauril
841 Olivia
828 Bella
808 elphaba
800 blackglass
797 tommyslax
773 Fantasy
729 Hypo
688 atlatl51
618 pico
588 bebelua
558 faunafrailty
535 johnsu01
521 BoilerBex
511 elysia
510 katerrific
508 discodave
486 jkon
486 dcohen
454 Doats
453 helmet
405 jen
375 domissamerica
358 confuzzed
354 hoofmane3030
351 siusum
336 robinrobin
330 fancy
323 freeshee
312 lra
308 Natasha
303 Tracy
296 albus
284 moviegrrl
267 Beth
259 linda
238 jencal
233 gnmking
233 Sammer
232 thespark
226 kimmi1366
224 Frost
211 roomette
200 Bob
152 Jamie
35 Jimbo
30 diebsta
22 donbiotik
18 nosie
8 paz
4 patty


12:49 am

I don't suppose, Dear Babble God, that it would be possible for there to be, after each puzzle closes, a list of all the possible words? I'd just like to know how off I am, on those rare days I get to play for more than twenty minutes and have more than a dozen words...
1:49 am

57/4.86/884 curse you babble for wasting my time!
2:51 am

curse you africajosh for having three hundred more points than me and only ten more words!
9:50 am

dr. god, did you catch the glitch for april 4 puzzle? The top player was able to get jute for 11 points 5 times!!!!
10:44 am

i saw someone got "unto" 14 times
11:52 am

I did let Dr God know about my 5 lots of jute on April 4! Honest! They would not go away!!!!!!!
3:17 pm

I'm currently looking into the April 4th glitch that allowed Desdemona to enter some words more than once. Has anyone noticed this happening at any other time by anyone else?
4:27 pm

Dr_God, I got multiple entries of the same word. I believe it was the same day as Desdemona. I was trying to enter "unto" when the program slowed and my computer told me the web page was unavailable. I reentered Babble, got that days puzzle and tried to enter "unto" again with the same "web page unavailable" result. I guess I tried this 14 times before it worked, told me I had already used "unto" and then I noticed It had scored "unto" 14 times.
5:17 pm

I've removed the duplicate words, and I think I know what caused the problem. Thanks for the heads-up, Babblers.