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View Word List Friday, April 23, 2004


4086 claws
3025 rkcrawford
2932 cbullock
2641 themick
2597 coolioisjesus
2574 donkeyjacket45
2545 lawyer-1
2529 Now_a_Pumpkin
2502 Delta
2421 atlatl51
2246 eshadow
2205 Mrkwako
2191 tommyslax
2160 defenestrate99
2122 fussbudget
2103 bacchae
2086 babs
2086 P-DIDDY
2045 gotz00
2000 vortex
1952 mel
1867 discodave
1856 aswag74
1841 bebelua
1836 holmes
1777 keet
1777 MikOto
1712 tristanner
1649 uhhhlis
1641 putrid
1639 twick insisted
1635 MangTheGoat
1599 Gentrup
1557 Rico Diablo
1522 elphaba
1519 lil
1514 Treeshar
1507 Akcipitrokulo
1496 jbullock
1487 hikat
1456 tvoltagg
1455 Michelle
1435 scraggle18
1428 o-fah13
1410 ctjoueur
1407 silverstar
1399 fultonic
1396 Badgero
1373 Big Daddy
1363 faunafrailty
1363 chimone
1354 aki2403
1346 SAS
1333 burns1
1312 blonde_apple
1297 pufferfish
1282 B.B.
1280 Funf
1277 Z-Tab
1267 Alti
1264 ronofox
1248 tangy
1248 FalconNL
1248 gleebs
1234 stacie
1232 Keala
1224 Fletch
1207 cjustine
1206 jak
1206 VelvetJones
1174 Sara
1155 murphyz
1155 bryanyoung
1148 devvie
1121 domissamerica
1116 DTOX
1097 BIA
1082 stillcrazy
1081 kitcat
1080 cdalbaugh
1076 RKirwin
1075 kimmi1366
1066 grobot
1064 Markman
1051 crazy_azz_mo_fo
1048 Justin
1035 erindee
1026 athena
1026 dspike
1017 RPStar
1013 TcheQ
1009 standby4sue
981 Assa
972 a-dawg
960 Londonarab
956 lra
930 Kaetchen
914 Ignoranus
906 Blorgon
894 Natasha
893 derrr
868 c011901
853 sapphie
829 eddie
822 CDS
807 taxi
805 jen
804 KJ
803 sauril
789 Tanny
783 Fantasy
773 SpudY2K
764 loiler
755 fifi
750 Dottie
713 Meljo
696 suzy
695 patty
694 samhain11520
686 TheDan666
677 JulieRox
670 dcohen
665 joyce
660 feather
652 lorbidel
650 chantilly
634 andreasue2002
631 mommyd
630 petestein1
602 angie
602 mmc
596 ADL
594 geekgeek
570 roomette
565 Jonesy
562 K-Dog
509 dustyfleas
500 mister
494 fancy
488 veve
476 robwebber
469 Natalie
441 Achates
434 helmet
414 Anti-Telfer
414 7CW
412 xIcemanx
407 re
383 diebsta
379 Frost
379 hoofmane3030
378 flounder
377 iluvtigs
371 fundercat
369 nanc
362 lildebbi21
347 Professor Kirk
345 behrenska
341 Patella
334 googoo
305 nan
305 marc
291 LPF
286 silverkat
274 elvislives
271 Greg
271 lion_newbie
270 doubleXision
264 angelfreak
215 Rebecca
208 linda
185 karenjessica
179 lux
162 Ozone
157 octover
157 Stubbychuck
153 Crabbers
153 JustJenn75
142 madamev444
134 Castor
127 hday
115 robinrobin
115 Alex
114 ckoops
106 Animaryu
105 africajosh
101 rahb
80 katharsisjones
78 Dave1073
77 jt
67 leg
47 Rollo Tomasi
34 mightyshortadam
33 buckwalrus
32 odelisk8
30 Angel
29 wayne_
22 indigojess
20 oxenfree
18 potter
18 fille
17 pottedmeat
8 thekgb
4 Cheater


12:51 am

stuck at 52 744 probably dream of these letters
1:16 am

the refresh time for me today is slow....ah well!!
1:28 am

to play or not to play... it's always more tempting when the puzzle is shiny-new and all homework is finished. my, the possibilities...

1:37 am

aint no persia any more
1:50 am

re: ads -- read about host files...
1:50 am

... not that you shouldn't support this wonderful site or anything (how about some text ads, Doc?)
1:53 am

text ads would be nice, and certainly interesting based on these word lists.
1:53 am
1:54 am

I think ads are genius for this site with the amount of impressions the average babbler gives out per puzzle.
2:05 am

cool that they're about volunteering; oh no it's late, practically morning! 91 4.99 1433
2:23 am

re: ads

I'm testing out Fastclick, so I have very little control over the content of the ads. It's not cool that a lot of people are experiencing slow load times because of the new ads, however. :(
4:07 am

I find it amusing that "apeshit" is not a valid word. tee hee
4:07 am

I've never been censored before!! I feel like a badass.
4:09 am

sorry, i thought that one would be censored too. didn't mean to offend anyone!
- a well meaning law student that refuses to study for finals because this puzzle is just more fun
4:39 am

Can anyone tell me what their 'z' words were from yesterday? It nearly killed me trying to figure one out.
4:41 am

You can go back and look at yesterday's puzzle, and click on people's names to get their word lists =) But mine was orzo, I believe.... not sure if there were any more z words though...
5:02 am

ah, thanks. Didn't realise you could do that
6:32 am

At least the Dark side of the Force will like this puzzle.
6:43 am

anything longer than 7 yet?
6:54 am

one 8 so far
7:05 am

two 8's
7:15 am

anyone break over 2,000 points yet?
7:49 am

and 4 8's now
7:51 am

no longer almost
7:58 am

I got two eights, too! I'm also proud to be averaging over five letters with over 50 words:

56 5.05 943
7:58 am

oy vey ... i've only found three 8s ...
7:59 am

Finally, my first 8 of the day
8:15 am

sorry, five 8's now
8:20 am

aaah, just when i found the fourth, you found a fifth? i bow to your greatness!
8:25 am

i've found 3 of them so far...
8:27 am

'resit' isn't a word?
8:31 am

i believe 'reseat' is the correct form
8:31 am

... and a sixth 8
8:32 am

haha. well i hope i don't have to 'reseat' any of my exams... although i'd rather 'reseat' them, which would presumably mean putting them on different seats, than 'resit' them...
8:38 am

I was just amused that porn was one of yesterday's words.
Orzo, I would never have thought of that.
8:43 am

Don't you actually 're-sit' exams, rather than 'resit'?
8:45 am

in that context, perhaps it's 're-sit'
8:54 am

I'm impressed with how many riffs you can get off one particularly vulgar word in the puzzle.
8:57 am

it's definitely 'resit' at my university ;)
9:11 am

oh, and i have seven 8's now. :)
9:26 am

Stop cheating, mvuijlst. The omnipotent surgeon is watching you...
9:28 am

dr_god, how exactly am I cheating? I resent that!
9:31 am

as I said yesterday: I write down all the words I can find, then I sort them alphabetically, look for any derivations (plural, past tenses, ...), then I look for anything that vaguely sounds English (or plausibly english), and then I enter them all at once on the site -- makes it easier to "brainstorm" when I don't have to wait for the page to reload.

(not mention that it cuts down on the frustration factor when perfectly good words like aesir or crees are refused :)
9:34 am

oh, unless you meant that I shouldn't use my OED to look for words :)
9:36 am

Interesting and entertaining explanation, mvuijlst, but I wasn't born yesterday. ;)
9:37 am

er, would you care to explain exactly how you think I'm cheating then? sheesh!
9:45 am
Big Daddy

how many people are trying make 'serene' work? lol
9:56 am

Dr.God, could you put a D in this puzzle? Discerning people would decree it much to your credit.
9:58 am

just checkin in.
10:22 am

The almost-words are mocking me!!!!
10:28 am

great ... i find the fifth and sixth 8-letter words and then you tell me there's a seventh? :-(
10:43 am

Woo-hoo! Broke 2000! (Though still with only 5 eights.)

112 5.19 2002
11:04 am

Six 8s, beh.
11:07 am

There's an additional 8 letter work in OED: treeship :)

(and words like styme, teer(s), nert, pah(s), tirr, perce, tygs, reesty, reesy, tres, rits, seir, serr, shir, stie, stire, reist, retes, terek, nerk, terrs, ...)
11:13 am

I had thought the rules would not permit the use of dictionaries :$
11:29 am

Isn't "itty" a word? I could swear I've gotten it before. I'll bet it's in the Scrabble Players' Dictionary!
11:36 am

I don't have a scrabble dictionary, but according to my dictionary: "itty, a. (colloq.) Used hypocoristically for ‘little’ (chiefly in reference to babies or small domestic nimals)."
11:54 am

there's no harm in looking up words in a dictionary, but using one to generate a list of words is nothing more than data entry
11:57 am

There's nothing wrong with it, but what's the point in looking words up in a dictionary? Just type it in. If Babble is going to accept it, you'll get credit. If not, you wont.
11:57 am

ah, fair enough then, thanks for clearing that up
12:05 pm

Three eights. 3. Thank god I don't really care or anything, otherwise I'd be feeling pretty inadequate right now...
12:22 pm

so, I'm just fooling around entering letters. I enter a 4-letter word that I never heard of, and, lo and behold, it is accepted. So, I click on the ? to get the definition, and it says there are no entries for that word. Weird! But I got my 8 points for the word.
12:31 pm
Big Daddy

lawyer-1: It's like you found the Babble version of welfare.
12:39 pm

I just got really excited because I thought I was about to find "Gymkata" in the babble, but it was not to be.
1:23 pm

I really want hitset to be a word. Can people start using that? Hopefully by the end of the day that will become aprt of the venacular.
1:27 pm

setee and crete aren't valid words?
1:28 pm

Hello - new here. When people are saying that they got "8"s, are they talking about letters or points? I'm starting to feel inadequate! Thanks for the info!
1:28 pm

settee has two Ts
1:29 pm

8 means letters, and yes, it does make one feel inadequate
1:30 pm

petri is so totally a word.
1:37 pm

145 words 5.03 2347
still looking fro the seventh '8'

I'll be back later
2:05 pm

Just one 8 letter word would make my day....;)
2:36 pm

for reference, itty* is not allowable in enable or sowpods
2:55 pm

I managed to get over 1,000 without any of yer stinkin' eight-letter words. Not bitter in the slightest. I just don't seem to have the brain to find the longer ones.
3:02 pm

I really think the secret is finding all the words that are similar to the words that you already have; the plurals, the predicate nominatives [I don't reall know what that means]
3:09 pm

my #1 tip would be to try absolutely everything that isn't patently impossible, like yesterday's tort, torte, torten--I'd never heard of the last two but they were accepted, so there you go.

And my #2 tip is not to do this in one sitting: come back to the site a couple of times during the day, you're guaranteed to find words you hadn't seen before.
3:12 pm

I"ll agree with coming back to it.
I'll be sitting there forever, Certain that there are no more words; then I'll take a break and see all these ones that I figure I MUST have already gotten.
3:40 pm

How do you people find eight letter words I can barely find six but I bet my bottom dollar that you people who find eight and nine letter words are the same people who enjoy and compleate quickly The New York Times crossword puzzle!
3:52 pm

239 words, 3984 points - Now THAT'S how you cheat!
4:00 pm

Ugh, are the 8-letter words normal, everyday words? I've only found one . . .
4:22 pm

do the NYT crossword every day :)
4:27 pm

i have no 8 letter words either lis :o(
4:34 pm

yeah, the 8's are pretty regular as far as words go.
4:55 pm

mmph; 1487, i feel like i'm at the bottom of an ocean! ah well...and no i don't do the nytimes crossword.
5:09 pm

done for the day, just checked out a site that solves for you. 242 words, some of which i didn't know existed. almost think i should print it out, run to the dictionary, lol
5:10 pm

yes there were 1519 before running that page. so obvious, some of
5:18 pm

Way to add to my depression!
5:31 pm

Yay! I found a 7 letter! I will not be as pathetic as yesterday!
5:36 pm

hey I found the ranking thingy. I'm ranked 208, which coincidently is my lucky #. Its going to be a great weekend!
5:55 pm

and 8 letter words! yay!
6:01 pm

oh mayn, cheating sucks. i'm just going to presume that anyone with a score considerably higher than mine at the end of this has been cheating, and claim a personal victory. or something.
6:13 pm

Boo and hissing in the general direction of cheaters... I thought I was doing quite well today with my 3 "8-letter" words...and then someone goes and tells me that there's many more. I feel like I've been looking at this thing for 20 hours, and damned if I can make anything else out of it... I think I may well admit defeat for tonight...
6:36 pm

Sh*t and pish in one puzzle. Hahaha!
6:51 pm

Booschwa people I just found my first seven letter(I know that's not that much but hey).
6:52 pm

LPF hi do i know you
6:53 pm

243 words... I guess it pays to roll your own.
6:53 pm

6:56 pm

I don't know if you would remember me.
6:58 pm

where would i know you
7:01 pm

Think Chicago Wedding
7:02 pm

you one of beth's sisters
7:12 pm

7:12 pm

On the nosie, but which one am I?
7:24 pm

Has anybody noticed that tern has showed up in almost all of these puzzles? Dr. God, do you have a bird problem we should know about?
7:26 pm

wow, i just logged back onto my comp. i hope you don't mean me by the cheating comment?
7:27 pm

anyway, i like to learn from my mistakes. :)
7:27 pm

Hey jbullock you figure me out yet?
7:28 pm

LPF: megan?
7:30 pm

megan, katie or gwen
7:32 pm

hey LPF, is this megan?
8:49 pm

Oh man, dr_god, I totally see what you mean about the cheating. I've found that site that Lil talks about which finds all the words for you. Ugh.

I got 194 and thought there wasn't anything else in there, turns out there' s another FIFTY words.

8:51 pm

Ah yes, turns out there's at least nine 8 letter words :(
9:18 pm

why is it so important to some of you to go to problem solvers and find out how many words there are in the puzzle? maybe Dr. God can make a board for people that want to cheat and have one for people who want to play honestly against each other. I'm really getting disgusted!
9:22 pm

the puzzle we're doing today is on line some place with all the answers? that's bizzare. how does that work?
9:31 pm

I swear I have use the word creepish before. Must be my own adjective.

9:40 pm

maybe Dr_God could post how many words are possible so that we can guage how well we are doing ....????
how about Dr_God????
9:42 pm

that's a good idea babs
9:42 pm

i want to be very clear, because some people view what i looked at as cheating; i stopped at 1519 before giving up for the day. it is like looking at the answers for a crossword puzzle the next day. if i were to cheat - and i didn't, i wouldn't have been open, and i would have continued playing. it was a matter of being aware of patterns that i hadn't seen before, so that i could see where i hadn't looked further. the interesting thing about noting the number of possibilities - personally i'm more interested in the words i overlooked - just showed how many - well over half - i overlooked.
if that??? counts as cheating, go figger, hunh.
9:45 pm

but, atlatl51, feel free to be disgusted. i would be too if someone cheated, but hopefully i'd correctly ascertain that they'd actually done so first.
9:46 pm

why can't you check your cheat page after the puzzle expires. I often look at yesterdays puzzle and checkout the high scorer's list to learn more words for future puzzles
9:49 pm

I agree with that too
9:51 pm

because when i stopped i was done for the day. i'm not sure how to make that any more clear.
9:52 pm

...all of which makes me happy I've got words *that site* didn't find :)
9:53 pm

also, this is my 3rd day; i wasn't aware that there was a list here that gave all possible answers - though it doesn't sound as if there is, simply one showing how many the highest scorer got. i was curious today. apparently that's a babble crime.
9:57 pm

if you are finished for the day, why are you still studying the puzzle. You mean to say that you go and look at the cheat page and come back and do't add to your list?
9:57 pm

Well, now I've gone looking for it: there's not only a site, there's a programme you can download. Bleh.
9:59 pm

i checked it out just to study the puzzle one more time. and yes, funnily enough i still have the same score of 1519 that i did hours ago, oh how is that POSSIBLE???
10:01 pm

checking other's list does not provide you with a solution but it does encourage me to look for more words next time by broadening my vocabulary
10:02 pm

i like words and i liked reading dictionaries in different languages and writing poetry. and i'm honest. i'm not going to defend myself further, and have done so more than enough already.
10:04 pm

did you see ginalitle's score? almost 4000. i bet no program was used there huh?
10:05 pm

I salute you for willpower to resit the temtation to continue working the puzzle but I find it hard to believe that people that go to cheat pages don't cheat.

10:05 pm

ah, babs - precisely why in an earlier post i mentioned going to the dictionary.
all right.
10:16 pm

why bother with a dictionary? just type in the letters and if it's not a word the game program tells you. If it is a word, you can click on the question mark and get the definition of the word. .