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View Word List Sunday, May 23, 2004


913 keet
883 GeneralVanya
784 Hypo
771 Justin
771 lawyer-1
764 beluga
762 sally
748 Philwho
748 Kaykay
740 OK
720 shortseer
711 Bella
671 PJKurkoski
660 ladylikebag
657 johnsu01
650 jukkahoo
634 qu0s
622 runningforhome
616 Helen
608 skittledog
596 SpaceGhost
594 biped
550 B.B.
542 cathycal
530 ctjoueur
529 SuperGoddess
527 Dagny
522 ansalon
516 MsGidget
513 Hypothetico
510 fultonic
505 babs
504 Z-Tab
500 vialle
498 tommyslax
496 Christine
493 discodave
488 elphaba
486 cheeto44
481 nat
476 angsthase
476 Jesic
469 Tanny
467 majenwen
466 setting_sun
466 devvie
466 moocher
456 FFFF
454 BonnyDawn
453 RET
451 theonleething
448 Luraison
444 Rach_489
428 joyce
424 fussmybacon
424 Keala
418 sk00by
416 nutislander
412 meh.007
411 Kaetchen
399 genou
391 gleebs
387 derrr
385 geekgeek
384 Koe
381 Jumpy Girl
380 Big Al
376 Calindstar
373 jen
372 thebruceburk
370 rhea
369 April
368 ejackg22
360 Shona
347 M&O
338 pat7936
336 Michelle
323 lion_newbie
314 hikat
311 Natasha
309 Willie89
302 dspike
298 Tina
296 daymaster
289 Judge
284 Mal
281 seaotter
270 KissTheFool
255 Chippie
254 patty
254 jackula
252 Joojamar
242 dustyfleas
226 eddie
223 Dustin
208 RalphMalph
208 defenestrate99
199 a-dawg
199 dilir
197 taxi
193 chris
186 4t8
186 Suzie
184 Treeshar
183 Twynk
175 bn
164 bebelua
158 bryanyoung
152 Badgero
143 Ashy
126 drscottjennings
126 Mollyb
125 strumpet
109 madeline
104 africajosh
102 marsala125
102 Twisted
100 jbullock
97 trinity
97 Kath
96 sauril
87 annie
66 Beth
62 sam
61 teach_98
60 Kylie
58 Corinne
46 mandybojangles
45 BayGirl74
42 babylon
41 fifi
37 Sandra
29 practice
21 JoeDee
20 The Tooth Fairy
20 Pi
20 Jimbo
14 tor
11 Essentia
11 Cheater
9 burnumd
7 Fera
4 babbled


12:02 am

wah general vanya and hypo are just too good at this!

now tell me, what was this 8 letter word????
12:03 am

12:05 am

*bumps head on the walls* I'm just too bad at thiiiis (but i'm addicted sob!)
12:05 am

hah, i didnt get the word either, i looked at general vanya's word list
12:06 am

a list??? where, where??????
12:07 am

just click on anybodys name that has a score and it shows u their list
12:17 am

OMG who can someone know so many word. I don't dare think a bout the definition of a few^^
12:19 am

haha, when i get bored and start just throwing letters together, i dont even want to know the definition of some words.
12:21 am

hurrray! I found a 45 points word by 'throwing lettres together" LOOOOOOL
12:47 am

if you want the definition of any word on the list, just click on the question mark that's in the box in front of each word
12:51 am

wow I'm better than yesterday
23/4030/303 yay!
1:46 am

Checking in: 1100 until 0700.
2:02 am

19 words 4.47 277
i might be back but i dont like this puzzle
2:22 am

I don't like this puzzle either. I was really hoping it would help keep me awake.. but I'm already stumped. And I still got almost 6 hours left on this shift.
Oh it's gonna be a looooong nite!
2:23 am

Im stuck.

37 words 4.41 476
2:50 am

hi jes
i'm stuck at same number of words ... but we evidently don't have quite the same list . 37 / 4.54 / 548
2:56 am

Aw! *must try harder*
3:02 am

I'm a day late to respond, but thanks, beluga. I've never seen the word admix until today (and not just from you, actually). I'll log it away until next time. =)

I did not play yesterday, and I'm not playing today. And I want you all to know that I've looked for this Solver thing and I found it. I used it on this puzzle so that I can inform you all that, according to it, you will find nothing longer than seven letters. And seven letters you will find only once. So this game is to be a contest between the masters of 4, 5, and 6-letter words.

"Your competence with six-letter words is astounding."
3:04 am

My memory of Solver is now officially burned. I find the fact that it exists publicly almost disgusting. My thoughts on all this have been heard before, so I won't repeat them. But it to be reinforced that I will come clean with my beliefs, and I certainly will not be joining in this game.
3:07 am

james, sounds like you're sitting out this one; you've picked a good one to pass up, i must say. & thanks for the info--i already have the 7 letter word. :)
3:11 am

hard to believe inlaw isn't allowed. :(
3:26 am

and nare *definitely* is a word meaning bird nostril. i know because i have an avian companion.
3:39 am

Humans have nares too you know ;)
3:40 am

3:45 am

Inca is proper noun,ie. capitalized. same with Ionian, which is pretty cool word.
3:52 am

i'm not stuck inside a mobile with the memphis blues again (yet) but back to sleep at 40/4.47/550.
4:18 am

Wooo I found the 7. Only 26 words so far though - this is a nasty one.
4:33 am

couldn't sleep; counting serta sheep at 43/4.51/618
4:45 am

looking for mr. sandman with 46/4.54/665
8:02 am

I had 24 words at 0330 and I've got 24 words at 0600. I believe that makes me officially stuck.. which offically sucks.
Time to call it a night!
8:09 am

This one is easier than the my essay is getting too clogged with my newly discovered babble vocabulary...which is a bad thing...It makes a complex essay, more complex. Not good.
8:30 am

Ugh, right now I'm finding this one harder than the last one.
8:46 am

found 1 more word after getting up. think i'm grinding to a halt at 47/4.53/672. don't know if i can find 3 more words or get to 700. :(
8:48 am

mind you, somebody will probably get a 1000, it always seems to happen!
9:12 am

Calamity, I'm wondering about just how good your Solver is. According to it, you say there is only 1 seven letter word. I found two.
9:34 am

I thought today would also be a good time to look at these so called 'solvers' and there are 2 I found online, and lots you can download. I wont say how many words each said there were, but one did have one 7 and the other two 7's. But I wonder how many of the words would be allowed by Playbabble, and what dictionary was used etc.

An interesting diversion, but one that I won't be using again. If I need to know all the words, I can wait for the scores and check out General Vanya's wordlist ;).

Good luck to all those babbling today :D
9:34 am

Nice, my first babble... did you know this is addictive?

29 words must... find... more...
9:52 am

10:07 am
Mrs Often

Koe? Are you Dutch/South African/German?
10:09 am

Finnish, but I know my nick means cow in Duch ;)
10:14 am
Mrs Often

Heh, fun.
10:22 am
Mrs Often

BAH! Three letter images won't reload!! How am I supposed to play?
10:24 am

Ah, Koe, your new addiction might reduce yourtime on the hobb board dramatically...
10:26 am

Draw them on your screen with a Sharpie, Tas. ;)
10:31 am

Woot, found a seven.
10:39 am

goofiest non-word for the day:

Noonarella - she may be a scullery maid for the rest of the day, but between 12 and 1 p.m. . . .
11:35 am

by a minor miracle, found the other 7 letter word. hoping to coast with 49/4.61/747 :)
11:36 am

OK, this sounds slightly dumb, but does anyone else turn their head to the side so they can see the words in a different configuration? I just found the 7 that way.
11:44 am

May I recommend that babblers do not attempt to re-heat soup whilst having a quick go at the puzzle? After 5 words a burning smell reminded me of the fact that most unattented things start to burn sooner or later..
11:55 am

Beluga, I'm now looking at your post thinking it's a clue for the second 7. Is it? Or should I just here and sulk?
12:31 pm

Yay! I found seven 7s, four 8s and one 9..... unfortunately, the letters don't abut, so I guess the wods don't count.... ah me.
12:33 pm

that z is freaking me out!!! bah. :P
12:48 pm

dave, no clue; want 1? the 2nd 7 i got the hard way, just typing in stuff that could be words. that's why i said it was a minor miracle.

btw, like your suggestion about looking at in another way. you could also write it upside down on a piece of paper, with the letters rightside up of course.

i'll see if i can find a clue to the 2nd 7 letter word, but here's one for the first: it describes bill clinton--to name just 1 politician--figuratively.
12:59 pm

ah, i *have* a clue; especially appropriate if it's still sunday when you read it. so,

*WARNING* !!! SPOILER!!! (of sorts)

it's like someone who hasn't gone to confession in a long time.
1:01 pm

My time is up.... until just before closing. I have nothing over 6, but I do have four Zs.
1:46 pm

Can't find the other seven, but thanks to your hint, beluga, I got another six...
2:52 pm

aaaaAAaHH...tunnel vision!!! heh. :P
5:35 pm

What does it mean VAIO isn't a word, I'm using a VAIO right now :)
6:14 pm

and i'm using a satellite but that doesn't exist in the puzzle
7:41 pm

ugh. should NOT be playing today. the exams are still not graded. <sigh> okay, in an act of amazing self-control, I'm turning away now, sure that I've left just a bundle of words on the table!
10:00 pm

i found 1 seven, but i dont think it goes with either of beluga's clues. maybe im just wrong
10:01 pm

nvm, looked at the definition and it may go with the president clue. im really still not sure to tell the truth.
10:20 pm

3-6's, no 7's, 8's or 9's
Just can't see the words today.
Think I need some sleep. Good Night. (Joey)
10:38 pm

I think Hypothetico can just use random letter grading. Come on - what's more important, beating me in Babble or filling transcript entries for future moneygrubbers!!
10:40 pm

11:21 pm

heh, my moms so cool, she asked what i do all day on the computer so i showed her this, and she wanted to play too!
11:30 pm

ladybug, you may be too young to remember this, or perhaps you're not from the us, but there's a political cartoon called doonesbury, and the cartoonist liked to draw something you eat at breakfast to represent president clinton.
11:32 pm

oops, i meant ladylikebag!
11:32 pm

im from the us, but too young to remember that, just 15 here i remember clinton but not that =/
11:33 pm

oh, and its okay, common mistake in the name, heh
11:36 pm

my mom found the other 7 for me earlier!
11:39 pm

good 4 u & your mom. did either of you get my clue, or are there 3 7 letter words?
11:39 pm

the clue about confession, i mean.
11:40 pm

there must be 3 7 letters bc this doesnt have to do w/ confession
11:44 pm

that's pretty interesting. my clue is a pun, so it has to do with pronunciation, not meaning. i can't believe all the boggle solvers couldn't find a 7 letter word, but i'd rather like it if that's true. :)
11:46 pm

yeah, i think it has to do with my mom being a nurse and taking nutrion class things
11:48 pm

12:00 am

then i think it's the same word. :)