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View Word List Monday, May 24, 2004


2933 GeneralVanya
2373 Badgero
2353 lalika
1912 cbullock
1818 shortseer
1757 cathycal
1621 Justin
1619 lawyer-1
1586 eeeee
1577 PJKurkoski
1483 svog
1475 Jesic
1432 SpaceGhost
1426 xena
1382 Philwho
1382 Kaykay
1365 eshadow
1358 runningforhome
1333 discodave
1326 RET
1310 April
1303 hikat
1283 qu0s
1273 tommyslax
1270 jukkahoo
1269 Dagny
1261 Beeyotch
1259 skittledog
1255 theonleething
1239 KHDavies
1232 Michelle
1228 gleebs
1161 angsthase
1157 Calindstar
1150 ladylikebag
1144 ctrl+alt+del
1138 Nikki
1093 jans
1089 4t8
1083 Z-Tab
1081 B.B.
1078 ejackg22
1078 Delta
1062 Rodders
1056 I\'mTryin
1044 Christine
1032 ame
1032 ansalon
1019 nat
1011 vialle
1006 lion_newbie
1005 defenestrate99
976 nutislander
973 fundercat
972 RKirwin
971 daisy
969 pat7936
955 sally
950 Bella
936 fultonic
925 babs
911 Joojamar
883 Jumpy Girl
864 derrr
861 geekgeek
855 FFFF
844 BonnyDawn
842 Willie89
832 seaotter
817 a-dawg
810 Big Al
808 Tanny
807 Keala
805 ikss
793 sapphie
791 Shona
786 academiannut
786 helmet
773 emma
733 devvie
718 moocher
713 biped
711 rhea
707 cheeto44
699 joyce
696 bebelua
692 Koe
685 eepingbunny
672 maraca
666 Dottie
658 elphaba
654 erriayne
631 petestein1
619 jen
616 meggiemoo45
613 audchu
606 jackula
592 SuperGoddess
591 Foulke29
579 eddie
575 setting_sun
537 lra
536 Fantasy
535 Kaetchen
534 MsGidget
512 K-Dog
487 Judith
482 Dustin
468 Funf
461 cjustine
454 ctjoueur
451 amandon
447 jmurdock
444 fussmybacon
439 bn
429 zebobes
427 Jhaiisiin
425 drscottjennings
402 abigail
397 fiery
391 Rico Diablo
390 Mal
376 BIA
367 fifi
364 teach_98
346 jbullock
344 cr nix
321 mandybojangles
316 taxi
302 dilir
294 annie
272 diebsta
269 vaughne
269 Judge
267 sam
257 bill
227 Twisted
223 kdl
181 thebruceburk
164 africajosh
159 babylon
155 Sini
151 soulbreaking
150 KissTheFool
136 practice
136 tor
130 meh.007
121 merlin
120 linda
89 artaxiel
81 RalphMalph
54 strumpet
43 Sandra
40 Sarah
20 roomette
14 CubsRotation
6 patty
6 ryloc
4 Ashy


12:05 am

guess i just didnt understand ur clue beluga
12:06 am

4 ne1 wondering about my clue, a person who hasn't gone to confession for a long time is "folacin" (full of sin)

good luck all, as i sit out this one.
12:07 am

This is a great puzzle. I have 25 words already.
12:12 am

must say i'm perplexed that babble would allow a rather specialized japanese word like haniwa, but not shogi a few games back, which to me is a more commonly used word, even in japan!

there was a question about shogi vs. shogi back then, so i may as well settle it now. shogi is japanese chess, and shoji is a sliding door made of a wooden frame with thin paper pasted onto it. lastly, haniwa are ancient clay statues.
12:14 am

haniwa was in the last game, for those who missed it, and the winner had it. i'm from japan originally, so i'm annoyed i missed it, but i wouldn't have expected it in the first place. nite all.
12:18 am

so far i found 1 8 and 1 7
12:19 am

Me too.
12:21 am

i like this puzzle a lot more than yesterdays
12:26 am

going to sleep, be back later to find more words!
12:54 am

1-7, 2-6'S, NO 8'S OR 9'S
Good night. (Joey)
1:14 am

The first word i saw this morning was Tolkien!!! LOL
1:28 am

wow, 57 words before I even paused....
must go to bed.
2:43 am

Man! this is a nice puzzle.... after a little more than 30minutes (a tad over my allowance), I have 71 - 4.66 - 865 ... which means someone out there must have 3000, but, hey!
3:37 am

very nice puzzle, 10 minutes, 20 words yay!

too bad tolkien isn't accepted :(
5:20 am

Today's Babble stats:

36 sixes
7 sevens
4 eights
NO nines

Bon chance!
6:33 am

Sorry, Magician, but I already have a 9.
7:46 am

85 words, 4.73, 1162 and I'm sure there are loads more !
9:26 am

I only seem to find many Finnish words. Where are all the English ones this would accept?
9:49 am

There are atleast 10 words to be found be Finnish player...
10:41 am

100/4.74/1297, but missing all the long ones -- only one 7 and one 8
10:49 am

beluga by another name, investigating boggle solvers. FYI, the one to use, which doesn't keep a log, finds 2 9 letter words today. ne1 looking to cheat may as well use the best solver, right? this one i'm referring to was good enough to find 60 words yesterday, 1 more than yesterday's top 2 finishers. by a remarkable coincidence, the top 2 finishers had identical word lists, except one had calo & the other haniwa, and the solver had 'em both. great minds think alike, i guess.
10:53 am

So, on 9 letter words-- are they really obscure, or words people actually use?
10:59 am

let me clarify something...i don't cheat, and i don't advocate it, so i was mainly addressing people who think it's only wrong if you get caught.
11:02 am

one of them is rather obscure, although i've seen it before, and the other one is somewhat technical, but by no means obscure. the obscure one you might be able to stumble on by trying different prefixes and suffixes.
11:20 am

Beluga/Nil - Sorry if I have taken this the wrong way, but it appears that once again I am being accused of using a solver. Once again, I must stress that I consider the use of such solvers and other such devices that provide lists of answers as such, as cheating, and I do NOT endulge in such activity. All that I do is spend a lot of time on here (too much time some may say), inserting every word that I can recognise, and upon reaching a point where I cannot find any more words that I recognise or understand, I try combinations of letters, prefixes and suffixes, that seem to provide me with many more words. If points were deducted for every "word" that is inserted that does not exist, then my score would be considerably lower than it is at present.
However, I do NOT use solvers, and do not condone the use of such solvers.
11:40 am

vanya, i wasn't insinuating that you use a solver. i have reason to believe that you don't, actually, but i prefer not to provide any details, which may make it easier for others to use solvers undetected. i meant no offense.
12:23 pm

this will teach me to mess with solvers. turns out, there's only 1 9 letter word--an obscure one. i miscounted the letters in an 8 letter word. hope i didn't send ne1 on a wild goose chase.
12:25 pm

Phew. That means I'm only missing three 8's and six 7's then? ...Sob...
12:33 pm

something like that, dave. hope it's enough to keep you occupied.
12:34 pm

Aw hell, getting more than 100 words will take me all evening as it is...
1:12 pm

100 words and a brain reduced to mush. Night all.
1:39 pm

wow! 31 words in 30 min!!! yay!!! :o)~~
4:28 pm

i got more points with an 8 letter than i did with the 9 letter
4:38 pm

nice to start the day with an 8
5:44 pm

Well, this is the last day I'll probably be able to play this, and certainly the last day where I can sit staring at it for ages, but haven't done very well - signing off with 86/4.78/1205
6:25 pm

non-word for the day (don't look if you don't want hints)

pretire - when you hit the megamillions jackpot the night before your first day on the job.
6:26 pm

hypothetico - if you are out there, I have 104/4.83/1507
6:30 pm

my first nine...!
6:52 pm

Goofiest non-word

Achery - physical therapy office.
8:11 pm

Yo PJ! Stop teasing -- I was up until 2AM grading those damned blue books last night b/c I played the puzzle -- and I didn't even do that well. I'm off the crack for today.
8:37 pm

I can only find a fraction of the sixes, only one seven and nothing higher. Man I feel illiterate sometimes.
8:42 pm

woo hoo! I spoke too soon, one 8!!
8:51 pm

i can't believe all the completely obvious words i missed yesterday. why do i play so much better when i should be working?
9:35 pm

Hurrah!!! I found an 8 (65 pts.)
1-7. several 6's, no 9's.
May work on this some more before time runs out. (joey)
9:44 pm

69 words 5.01 1150
im done playing for now, im satisfied with my score
10:03 pm

Hypothetico - way to hook me on something that will CLEARLY take up all my free time from here on out. Nice run yesterday btw. :-)
10:15 pm

hey, why is a popular name allowed? thats weird.
11:05 pm

Still just 1-8
Good night. (Joey)
11:11 pm

2 8's and so much more potential but have to get to bed. :( G' night!
11:30 pm

right after i got the 8 i started singing a song from A Mighty Wind.
11:42 pm

Alright, a second 8!