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View Word List Tuesday, May 25, 2004


3220 GeneralVanya
2223 shortseer
2220 Badgero
2099 Hypo
2054 beluga
2025 KHDavies
2019 lawyer-1
1969 ladylikebag
1959 Justin
1844 Jesic
1830 cbullock
1769 PJKurkoski
1764 svog
1740 eshadow
1707 keet
1661 lalika
1558 sapphie
1558 runningforhome
1528 Hypothetico
1513 Now_a_Pumpkin
1511 eeeee
1488 cathycal
1482 nutislander
1474 zebobes
1456 johnny2times
1426 qu0s
1420 ame
1346 Big Al
1316 ctrl+alt+del
1303 fultonic
1297 Huh
1279 moocher
1278 sam
1245 rhea
1227 discodave
1212 RKirwin
1177 Michelle
1141 Kaykay
1131 setting_sun
1112 babs
1041 Dagny
1025 Calindstar
1019 Delta
1012 Rodders
1008 ansalon
1007 geekgeek
1003 elphaba
1001 gleebs
966 Philwho
940 vialle
940 pinto
939 4t8
936 devvie
930 Jumpy Girl
924 EyeLuvKHD
895 Koe
894 hikat
890 Christine
867 petestein1
865 daymaster
859 africajosh
858 cheeto44
854 dilir
846 BonnyDawn
834 MikOto
811 cdalbaugh
811 jak
799 pmo260
789 K-Dog
783 lion_newbie
760 oyBuzz
759 Ashy
758 muk
749 a-dawg
736 Ray
712 jackula
707 pat7936
705 Tanny
693 April
690 fussmybacon
687 seaotter
678 tommyslax
678 helmet
674 FFFF
671 Judith
670 Foulke29
657 Beeyotch
642 nat
639 jmurdock
632 audchu
628 sally
627 theonleething
623 BIA
594 Joojamar
591 Sini
574 pufferfish
568 M&O
553 Willie89
553 Rico Diablo
552 RET
547 ejackg22
542 drscottjennings
540 bebelua
523 ImaBiatch
518 derrr
505 erindee
504 qc
493 biped
491 abigail
487 Rach_489
479 mandybojangles
467 Keala
465 dspike
462 fifi
458 fundercat
452 SuperGoddess
424 Bella
393 Shona
386 Mal
371 Dottie
365 Judge
363 Kaetchen
358 Twisted
342 meh.007
341 lra
331 jovilamonk
330 Essentia
322 dustyfleas
313 LK
296 thebruceburk
296 The Tooth Fairy
289 Jhaiisiin
287 Fantasy
259 flyingpig
253 bn
245 bill
234 annie
227 linda
225 erriayne
205 Avalyn
199 Leslie
193 teach_98
191 Corinne
188 ciel
186 academiannut
156 tor
150 babbled
146 freerangelettuce
134 soulbreaking
115 starseed_84
91 Dustin
74 RickSoto
64 Kylie
56 Sandra
48 Andrea
45 Natalie
33 aswag74
30 MikeyFolds
21 Swarmbill
21 daemon
21 LilMissN
18 practice
10 amandon
6 I\'mTryin
5 gnoll


12:04 am

I can't believe how well I did on todays that puzzle. I guess being home all day (sick ;( really did pay off!
12:14 am

heh, i sit at home all day with my son so when he sleeps, i play, and he sleeps a lot!
12:24 am

Damn, won't accept Yoda...
12:25 am

this one seems to have a zillion short words--calling it a nite with 87/4.43/820
12:27 am

i got 2-8's, 3-7's, and quite a few sixes already but i see all those short words, i just try for the harder ones first, more challenging that way!
1:11 am

Seems like a good time for bed.
Just the one 7, no 8s.
1:13 am

"Oops! That wasn't a valid word."

... what the smeg! ;)
1:18 am

Better go to bed. This is a great new obsession. BTW - what were the nines in yesterday's puzzle? - I didn't find them.
1:19 am

I was well stuffed yesterday, just couldn't get my babble head on. Hope to do better today!!! :)
1:22 am

to see all the words you missed
go to yesterday's puzzle and view one of the top scorer's word lists
1:27 am

This is very slow re-loading the grid this morning....just me or a general thing?
1:31 am

Hey KH - Wahahahaha ... Another one hooked! ;) Nice to see you here.
2:39 am

I always thought geas was a word.
Am I going mad?
2:41 am

I thought so too, daymaster.. like an evil spirit or something?
2:43 am

More like a spell or a curse.
2:59 am

Lots of 6s, but those 7s are hiding from me!
4:23 am

yoda doesn't work :(
4:28 am

What sevens? lol
4:33 am

yeah what seven? I seem to stick at 4 letter words lol
4:39 am

what??? EDEN isn't accepted!?
5:29 am

ha ha at the moment we are beating GeneralVanya :)
5:30 am

were do you see that?
5:33 am

We know them in the 'real' world, and there's 3 of them
5:34 am

Does anyone have an 8 beginning with 'S' that they would like to share?
5:50 am

I too was mightily disappointed whe the first word I saw was 'smeg' and it didn't like it ;)
6:21 am

No 7's yet, but I do have an 8
6:54 am

Poor Yoda, he isn't a word...
7:06 am

Yoda, Word I'm not!
I've spotted smeagol, he is riding a tern!
7:52 am

that wretched, wretched z :P
8:00 am

there's at least three Z's
8:00 am

there's a short z word. it's one i found maybe a week ago on another puzzle by using a dictionary. *this time* i got it *honestly* with my own gray matter :)
8:05 am

thanks cb--found another z word. and *finally* found a 7 letter word! must eat breakfast, take shower, go to work etc. sitting at 120/4.55/1307
8:49 am

best score yet i think

127 words 4.84 1755
9:35 am

ends with z or starts with z?
10:07 am

How the hell isn't 'dane' a word? I'm going to keep typing it until the bloody thing accepts it!
10:22 am

lol done that Already setting sun *blows on fingers* ;)
10:28 am

If everybody types in 'dane' enough times then we can break it and have it accepted as a word or something. It must work!
10:37 am

Hey KHDavies, get back to work before your boss sees you! --- Your Hubby
10:49 am

there's a cool bird in the puzzle
11:05 am

OK - back to work :-) Busted! Hypothetico, if I am fired, it is all your fault. :-)
12:01 pm
sapphie're dead right about that bird ;)
12:31 pm

The bird is certainly COOL...
1:22 pm

124 words, but not one thats as long as 7 letters (not trying to "challenge" myself by limiting to short words, I just can't find the long ones)
2:38 pm

5e, you're not the only 1 with this problem. i do have 2 7s & 2 8s but i'm sure there are quite a few more 7s at least. fwiw, i've rung up 149/4.69/1810
4:10 pm

i've got 3-8's and 6-7's =D
117 words 4.89 1643
4:28 pm

I haven't found any of the eights, and only one seven. :(
5:46 pm

ODAS - isn't that the word for rooms in harems??
6:40 pm

is there an online dictionary that I can use for free?
6:43 pm
runningforhome and are both free as far as I know...
6:56 pm

you can try merriam-webster at
but it doesn't define every word, unless you subscribe
7:00 pm

time to go home, with a humble 2 8's & 3 7's for 164/4.73/2054
7:01 pm

thanks runningforhome
8:13 pm

Someone give me a hint on the eights! There are so many small words that they're obstructing my vision from the bigger ones.
8:48 pm

Not a bad day for me.
A few 6 letter words. Nver be in same class as some of you uncanny people, but still good for me.
I'm twisted but it doesn't make me good with word games.
8:50 pm

Runningfor home:
For one of the eights - think about a salty summer you've experienced.
The other, I'd have to agree, is hard to find.
8:55 pm

145 / 4.82 / 1973 as of now. Hypothetico, you out there?
9:01 pm

Wow. Okay, now I know how petestein1 feels -- all the people I introduce to this game SMOKE me!!
9:02 pm

So how in god's name is that supposed to make *me* feel? The person who kicks my *butt* every day gets *her* butt kicked by every else? Jeez. I'm gonna cry.
9:02 pm

A mere 128 / 4.67 / 1528 :(

9:18 pm

FINALLY found an eight! Not sure if it's the one you were talking about, KHDavies; I didn't completely understand your clue. But thanks all the same. :)
9:27 pm

Wow, lots of little words and no time to really get into this. Oh well, back to not scoring much :( and feeling well enough to work instead of at the computer...
9:29 pm

Oh and KHD, good clue on the 8, somehow it made sense :)
9:30 pm

I need to learn more about birds, I never get those words...
9:48 pm

Haha, I never get the bird ones either. Except for the one puzzle which had 'eagle'.
10:19 pm

A large, clumsy, flightless bird
if that helps ;-)
10:23 pm

what shit...yoda isnt a word.
10:37 pm

Hey hypothetico - what happened to grading. I'm at 140/4.71/1692
10:39 pm

goofiest non-word for the day:

hodeo - tube tops, leather microminies and horses. You get the picture.
10:44 pm

Hypothetico - Katya just stood on her own for over 5 seconds!!!
10:47 pm

woo 80 point 8 letter word! thats 10 points a letter!!!
11:00 pm

That must be some 8 letter word. The two eight letter words I have are babies compared to that.