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View Word List Monday, May 31, 2004


1038 Philwho
1017 Flamboyant
1010 hourfollowshour
983 Badgero
964 zebobes
954 Justin
916 Alti
903 nil
892 CalamityJames
859 keet
850 Bella
842 lawyer-1
834 4t8
833 Cheater
746 Mand0
725 mommav
725 runningforhome
721 Crooty
692 lion_newbie
692 shutterbug
686 KHDavies
685 Hypothetico
681 discodave
666 angsthase
664 Michelle
660 biped
645 moocher
641 sally
633 AJ
633 hikat
621 gotz00
601 atlatl51
596 academiannut
578 Koe
577 Tukey
552 Drglady
552 artaxiel
551 Yecats
542 Marc
532 elphaba
522 fultonic
521 goforit
520 cheeto44
517 Big Al
502 cbullock
496 fussmybacon
494 majenwen
494 nutislander
491 Tanny
489 joyce
485 rhea
478 derrr
459 sam
457 selozai
451 theonleething
444 ladybug
424 a-dawg
423 Soz
415 Sini
412 Law18
401 defenestrate99
400 MsGidget
381 retropink
375 kdl
374 FFFF
370 devvie
360 ejackg22
350 jen
350 bebelua
343 Jumpy Girl
335 madamev444
334 pat
313 cunninghampa
309 nat
298 Keala
296 jbullock
295 BIA
293 allstar
293 Mal
274 Joojamar
268 Dottie
266 luv2teach
255 M&O
247 floradivine
244 KatyJack
230 drscottjennings
226 milkmaid
216 africajosh
195 flyingpig
195 Dagny
176 Drazile
173 TOM
168 cjustine
165 nekoyasha
161 gleebs
154 freerangelettuce
152 ziggy81
150 incender
149 lhunter
130 MarkiesGirl
129 linda
126 jackula
119 rups
109 qu0s
106 robinrobin
104 Willie89
102 sauril
93 Corinne
85 Dustin
80 mandybojangles
79 jonas
78 indylead
78 dustyfleas
75 Jonafan
72 bjones134
57 Weebs
56 soulbreaking
53 ciel
51 teach_98
47 ImaBiatch
35 Sita
29 Kath
29 muk
29 Rabin the Cat
24 Ochre64
23 melissamee
19 Morgan
14 Beth
14 kmeigs
10 cftatooedfreak
6 annie
4 babbled
4 fifi


12:58 am

*gasppp! 43 4.49 401.
1:06 am

473 - just found 3 q's (2 5's, 1 6). g'night.
3:03 am

No play today either :((
3:21 am

Oh you're playing alright.. just not babbling!!
Enjoy the flick!!!!
3:24 am

Hmm, it's a toughie today!
Nothing higher than 6, but there are a few 6s in there...
And 4 Qs.
3:31 am


Five q's and nothing higher than a six. It's hard! I'm off to bed for now.
3:44 am

only have 3 q's so far, and I have one 7! I'm not 100% sure but I think the fact that I'm a horrible speller actually helped with this one.
4:11 am

Well I am a horrible speller too.. probably worse than you? And it doesn't seem to ber helping me!! LOL!
4:59 am

Okay so maybe it's not my spelling that's helping... maybe it's the red wine? ;) *hiccups and hits letters*
5:16 am

Pass me that bottle!!
5:25 am

*passes away* Besides, if you have a couple drinks and you don't get many words you won't even care! Not to mention the fact that you won't remember tomorrow ;) . But seriously got around 70 words, and I'm calling it quits for tonight. Gotta go iron some clothes and get stuff ready for work tomorrow. Good luck everyone.
5:27 am

oh and point of clarification I was meaning *passes the bottle away* as in sharing not as in me passing away. I'm still doing just fine thank you ;)
5:39 am

LOL.. we understand!!!! And don't forget your pants in the oven!
6:02 am

Hello, old friends. After several days of taxing work and raw computerlessness, I am returned. It appears that I've miss many solid games. Amazing; my ranking has gone up these last few days, and I haven't played once! People must be having lots of up and down days. Unfortunately, it's absurdly late, and as fun as it is to get back into this game, I should consider my health.

Good night, folks. Your eight hours of free play (playing without me babbling along) begin now.
76 words 4.71 862

Side note: It appears that some of you whom I've seen from Day 1 are becoming very gifted at this game already. I promised you'd get better and you did. I wouldn't lie to you. =)
7:21 am

Back from the Prisoner of Azkaban...but now gotta drive kids to their dad's. Still no babbling for me!!! :(( Still, film great, if slow to start.
8:43 am

ugg - why did I even start this puzzle???
9:47 am

errrghh ! flamboyant, why did u have to introduce me to this fragg'n game?

10:22 am

I got 4 Q's (3 x 5 and 1 x 6)
10:29 am

'Opaque' is ALMOST there, ugh.
10:33 am

bad bad baaad puzzle, even "luth" isn't accepted :(
i prefered the one we got yesterday
1:19 pm

There's lots of words that are almost in there with Q in the middle. It's driving me crazy!
1:27 pm

Je suis retourné. Free play has ended. Back to my babbles. {.commence.blahblah.blahblah.CJ-talks*too.much)=#forhisownhealth}
1:34 pm

i got 4 q's too. lol
1:35 pm

rata is a tree in new zealand! only 4 letters, but only have 56 words.
1:39 pm

Well, as for the whole q and 6/7-letter business. You guys will find them all. You always do. Have faith.
I've found five qu words; alas, one does not begin with a q, and four of them do.

I have 13 six-letter words and 3 seven-letter words. I don't know how many there are among the lot of us, but if you find that many, then you're in great shape.

I don't know if that matches up to everyone else, or if I'm missing another qu- word or 6L/7L, but that's where I be.
1:42 pm

I cannot find any words with Q in the middle! I've managed to find five beginning with Q, though.

Still no 7's!
1:43 pm

55 words, one of them worth 30 points! whoop!
1:48 pm

aqua is the color of aquamarine. :( (according to the oxford dictionary.) ah well.
1:48 pm

A 'q' in the middle is a whale of a find. Whatever that means.

It'll also score you a dear 44 points. The most I have in one word, as of yet.
1:52 pm

thank you, C-J! and since the other q is "only" 30, i assume this is a 7 - the hunt is on.
1:53 pm

You stand in the seat of righteousness.
1:54 pm

I have administered a clue in one of my messages, but I will not point it out.
1:56 pm

Aqua is not in this puzzle, 4t8. A word like that would require two A squares to surround the Qu. There is only one A cube thusly assigned. AquUa would be the only adjacent formation.
2:00 pm

I know, that whole 'u' being right beside the 'qu' is really throwing me off.
2:00 pm

thank you C-J and google! have bookmarked this page for further learning. :)
2:02 pm

re: aqua, oh yeah, hunh. thanks, runningforhome. me, too, obviously...
2:12 pm

I can't for the life of me find that fifth word starting with 'q', let alone one with it in the middle... :(
2:15 pm

me either, re: the fifth beg. with q. i even looked through my dictionary! obviously pocket-sized oxfords are too small. C-J's earlier hint was *enormously* helpful, though...
2:50 pm

5th q. have to break!
2:52 pm

STILL no 7's or any idea on the word with Q in the middle.

4:01 pm

hehe, *finally* found the middle-q
have to call it quits before I go square-eyed
4:07 pm

Hey there, I'm new to Babble. I just wanted to know: what happens at the end of the time?
49 /4.65 /586
5:07 pm

you check your score (see yesterday's puzzle up top in the middle) and click on the name of the highest scorer. then click on the "?" to the left of the words if there are any you don't recognize from the list. it's a good idea to look at a few lists, if you're interested in new words and not missing obvious ones in the future - often they're different.
5:19 pm

Found the one with q in the middle, and four other qs. One seven so far.
5:25 pm

found the 7 letter word! eish!
6:49 pm

Hot damn, but this one's frustrating. And on a day I actually have time to play, even!
7:24 pm

you there, mando?
7:39 pm

7:49 pm

just back from vacation; got all 5 q words; good 2 c james! beluga reenters the fray tomorrow.
7:53 pm

b4 ne1 else sez it, hutt is not allowed--with all due disrespect to jabba.
8:02 pm

I want to break 1000. I'm 27 off...
8:04 pm

aggghhh! i can't even get passed 700
8:16 pm

93 words 4.61 1009

yay me!
8:18 pm

you hoochie!
8:19 pm

I'm only at 618, don't feel too bad.
8:19 pm

well, i won't be making that mistake twice! harrumpfff
8:20 pm

well here's the rub....400 of those points i gave her! :P
8:21 pm

Flammy's a real all-star.
8:22 pm

95 words 4.60 1017

dont hate me cuz im beautiful :D
8:23 pm

hey ug, shut up before i smack ya! lol
8:25 pm

I was supporting you! :(
8:27 pm

supporting me!!!!! How? calling me up...getting my high scoring words then buggering off! thanks for the support ! lol. next time I'll show YOU support! lol. :P
8:28 pm

the one fingered kind! ahahahahahaha

Me cackling voraciously!
8:31 pm

that wasnt from me, deary, i never said that.. :P
8:34 pm

ooopsy :O
8:37 pm

I hate finding really great words, and then remember it's a proper noun and won't work.
8:38 pm

8:51 pm

i know what you mean, runningforhome; i want to reread Mists of Avalon after seeing Uther in today's puzzle.
9:10 pm

Good grief! You people shame me. A mere 63 / 4.44 / 587. I think I'll go console myself with something off the BBQ ...
9:33 pm

Stuck for pretty much the past hour.

94 words/4.61/1010

I think I'm done. :/
9:36 pm

mmmmmmmmmmmmm homemade pizza!
yumyum :P
9:39 pm

heya flamboyant!!!! U GOTTA TRY THIS NEW GAME... FLEA CIRCUS!!!!!
its at
it rules! pretty cute for a bunch of bouncin dots!
9:39 pm

well. i think my eyes are done for.
9:40 pm

i would now like to tender my resignation, as it is very clear that i lack several brain cells! lol.
Cheers folks!
9:49 pm

well after leaving last night I came back hoping for a "second wind" and lots more words, but I've been staring at this for about an hour and I've only managed 4 more... I'm done at 75 words and 916 points. Good luck for the last bit of the game everyone!
10:28 pm

heh, yall got a break today, i didnt play! hope you guys had a good time with this puzzle and i'll be seeing you all in the next one hopefully!
11:34 pm

how do you play this
11:36 pm

I told you how.
11:55 pm

made 900; pretty good considering late start. :) nite all.