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View Word List Monday, June 14, 2004


2935 GeneralVanya
2536 Baffled
2531 lawyer-1
2466 Linda
2124 hourfollowshour
2100 nutislander
2019 eshadow
1971 claws
1913 runningforhome
1872 Justin
1740 mellowmasher
1734 cwk4328
1715 Prue
1646 Huh
1602 Achates
1564 The Goddess
1553 Hypothetico
1503 bulldog
1492 qc
1490 Nic
1481 nat
1467 Christine
1425 sally
1420 Rodders
1413 hikat
1359 ejackg22
1330 discodave
1316 cunninghampa
1282 Jesic
1249 Beeyotch
1228 xena
1225 Michelle
1221 RKirwin
1219 newby
1185 BIA
1148 SooGuy
1144 fussmybacon
1142 biped
1139 ansalon
1122 sh
1114 jayferg
1071 fultonic
1070 Kepler
1065 Rico Diablo
1057 audchu
1047 4t8
1032 M&O
1029 SeattleSky
1026 Crooty
1018 Law18
1006 pmo260
1004 jak
971 rapsodie
942 bacchae
929 LilMissN
917 dspike
915 cheeto44
900 Yecats
879 Zen
867 The Divine Miss
864 Tanny
838 hoofmane3030
833 cdalbaugh
809 retropink
800 Jumpy Girl
799 goforit
797 ashylarry
796 bebelua
793 sanity_bites
776 libgrrl
769 tommyslax
758 floradivine
731 MerLi
727 aznguyx3
718 Dagny
715 Tukey
679 Keala
679 Cowboyjr23
677 defenestrate99
631 Kaetchen
623 drscottjennings
622 faeanna
607 jen
606 sam
594 anceps
590 bas6y
579 bruzanic
571 drewboy
567 Natasha
545 eddie
530 Drglady
527 KissTheFool
524 devvie
514 tabyorky
511 TOM
503 bjsa
482 Mal
481 LDM
481 joyce
477 maraca
471 kylegilman
449 fancy
437 sapphie
423 ame
394 lion_newbie
392 ciel
391 cathycal
378 a-dawg
357 seaotter
357 Jhaiisiin
353 allstar
353 Sonechko
343 coach
337 taxi
337 Dragoncarer
323 meggiemoo45
288 vaughne
284 echensf
274 milfhunter_bc
269 mouse
236 academiannut
228 jmurdock
216 kelly
212 KatyJack
210 patheticfallacy
199 Chani
192 Essentia
172 illusion
172 samalsfors
161 freerangelettuce
147 Avalyn
144 JMama
128 Corinne
105 Marmy
91 Philwho
81 babbled
78 Flamboyant
77 linda
77 erriayne
67 jbullock
61 teach_98
58 angsthase
52 artaxiel
47 Meljo
40 thebruceburk
24 Skittlez
21 smiley_gurl
19 practice
18 nan
16 Cheater
14 Dustin
10 patty


12:13 am

Goodmorning, y'all.... in yesterday's puzzle, what were the 7s and the high 6????
12:18 am

goodmorning! :)
the 7's were outrank and mahonia.
the high 6 was mouthy.
12:23 am
The Goddess

How bizzare, straight up 7 letter and 5 x 6 this a trick...LOL
12:39 am
The Goddess

28 words 5.00 418 pts.
Why bother putting the Qu in there...? LOL Must be a lot of words to get on this one.....too easy so far!
12:44 am

46 4.48 426.
lot of big fish to find in here.
12:45 am

I am confused - can't get rules to show and puzzle keeps rejecting very normal words???
12:45 am
The Goddess

36 words 4.86 490

12:48 am

i'm confused too - it's loading slowly, then telling me the word i just put in has already been played.
12:49 am

a 2nd 7!
anceps, what are today's goals?
12:51 am
The Goddess

2 x7's here too! ;p
12:55 am

I got 2 8's
12:57 am

WooooHOOOOO!! I didn't think it was possible, but there it is -- a 10 letter word! Wheeee!!!
1:04 am

I got the ten also, 38,4.53,415
1:26 am

Alright. 85 / 4.76 / 1016. Missing the 8's, but that's enough for now.
1:28 am
The Goddess

Just got me an 8 - too easy, staring me right in the face!
44 words 5.00 655 pts
1:28 am

Do you have an amazing vocabulary or do you use some magical word finder?
1:30 am
The Goddess

Yeah, I'd like to know what the 'cheats' use, I want one too! LOL
1:36 am

have only the 1 8 and no 10, sleeping on 83/4.78/1020
have fun. :)
1:38 am

96 for 1354 only 1 8 so far back later
1:49 am

I've been using to help but I still can't come close to the monumental scores of others.
2:07 am

While the puzzle definitely has many obscure words, mostly I think this is a battle of pattern recognition more than vocabulary. I always find when I look at the previous day's puzzle all sorts of easy little words I missed just sitting there mocking me. ;-)
2:17 am

So do you just enter in random combinations of leters until something takes?
2:39 am

It is getting easier for me , 68, 4.88, 880
3:14 am

ecoterror isn'ta word, but ecoterrorist, come on!
3:55 am

alright... does anyone know what 'dore' means?
3:56 am

41 and I'm stuck.
3:57 am

got a couple of 7's though.
4:02 am

It means 'gilded' and is also a kind of fish.
4:07 am

85 words 4.91 1181
4:29 am

Dang it. Must...break...100.

92 words 4.95 1282

2 8's so far.
4:33 am
The Goddess

97 words 4.88 1288

Yeah, gotta get to 100
4:38 am
The Goddess

99 words 4.89 1328

so close......uggggh, wish I knew the 10 letter word someone supposedley has...grrrrr
4:40 am
The Goddess

100 words 4.89 1338

YAY, I'm satisfied, whew...!
4:41 am

sh - click on the little box to the left of the word, you'll get a definition, most of the time; or google the word.
Words are coming faster than my little browser can enter them. So far, 104 for 1264, but someone has stolen all the 8s, 9s, and 10s.
My 30-minutes has stretched to 40, so I'm off until tonight.
4:44 am

so *that's* what they are. thanks, all of you.
4:47 am

heh, congrats Goddess ;)
4:53 am

MAX: 186 words for 2935 points
(79x4, 42x5, 45x6, 12x7, 6x8, 0x9 and... 2x10 !)
10-words give 91 pts each.
You knew it, 'Qu' is not used.
'N' et 'M' above 'Qu' are the only ones not to start any word.
5:09 am
The Goddess

105 words 4.86 1370

How on earth did you get that anceps, are you one of those pple with a program to do this kinda thing...?
5:37 am
The Goddess

110 words 4.86 1437 - just going to keep coming back and trying to add - hey anceps how do you count all the 4's, 5's, 6's, 7's, 8's - my eyes can't focus long enough, you must have a cheat program huh [shrug]
6:14 am

Yes, Anceps wrote a computer program to tell him all this. But you can hardly call it cheating, since he doesn't play... ;-)
6:54 am

Is protogenic not a word ???

6:58 am

My program computes the list of words, but display to me only the results. When I'm done, I look to the results to help others and because I'm curious, but then I won't play afterward.
7:05 am

Oh, I'm so sad, I can't find a single 8 or 10... where are my little sisters, when I need them??.. Marianne & JB, help me....
7:06 am
The Goddess

very cool anceps (I'm not comlaining) I'm frustrated....LOL
115 words 4.89 1529
7:12 am

I'm not even playing in my own language... Pretty hard...
8:05 am

I'm sure-- playing in my native language is hard
8:33 am

Man, those stupid "o's" are messing eveyrthing up!
9:30 am

Rise and shine.. ugh.
So what kinda crap-o-la we working with today?
Looks interesting.
And I see someone found a 10 letter word. Delightful!
Yo! Bacchae.. Bonnie. You two babbling per chance?
Sapphie? You playin today??
9:58 am

Wibble !
11:59 am

Another fantasy character's in today's puzzle (quite easy really).
12:19 pm

Oops... forget what I just said. *must rest*
12:20 pm

What the buggery bollocks are the 10s? Any hints?
12:22 pm

DD - You included a hint to 1 of the 10 letter words in your last message!
12:35 pm

Oh dear, even my subconscious is taunting me...
12:40 pm

And it's worth 91 points.
12:47 pm

Yup. And apparently there's another one worth the same. I know roughly where I'm looking, it's just getting the letters to fit. Thanks, though.
2:27 pm

oh yeah playing here J...and suffering with these 10's.....grrrrrrrrrr!!!
2:31 pm

Yup, I'm playing too - but seem to be having a hard time of it in here today.....certainly haven't seen any 10s yet...
3:23 pm

Wooohooo, I found a 10. By sticking a syllable in front of a 7-letter-word.
3:24 pm

Common or uncommon 7 letter word?
3:25 pm

If it's just obscure I'm not going to drive myself crazy
3:37 pm

Pretty uncommon.
3:37 pm

This one is not so obscure, because I found it (all by myself). The other one, I don't know.
3:38 pm

Yo S & B.. How's it goin gals??
3:43 pm

Why can I only see almost-words? Retina, pertinent, regenerate... :(
6:41 pm

one hundred words for 1374
7:36 pm

<shameless begging>Does anyone want to share the joy of a 10 letter word? Just a tiny hint? </shameless begging>
7:38 pm


Hahah. 1337.
8:03 pm

If they woulda given me protogenic i woulda given you that one!! Im still dirty *IS* a word, but not according to BABBLE Grrrr.
8:08 pm

I'll give you credit for protogenic. I will add those points to your score tomorrow, then print out my own list with you moved up accordingly. So, that word was....? ;)
8:21 pm

I KEEP seeing the word "proven", even though I know it's not there. It continues to taunt me. kjfaksdjfkasdf.
8:22 pm

Well, that was a hell of a second wind.
8:22 pm

I keep seeing "provoke"-- which is what this puzzle is doing to me!
8:30 pm

Has anyone found two 10's? I only have the one so far.

130/5.18/2114 - think I'm pretty much finished, though.
10:10 pm

who wants to give me a clue for the ten?
10:18 pm

I've only found the one 10 as well.
10:21 pm

well, it's no 10's for me. I suck! Help out an amature!
10:27 pm

There was a great clue earlier about adding a prefix onto one of the seven-letter words to make a ten.
10:29 pm

I've only got 1 seven and can't put anything in front of it!
10:32 pm

I've got 3 7's, but nothing's working! You couldn't give me the first letter of the 10, could you?
11:23 pm

OHHHHHHHHHHH wish I could play this one today but I just signed on and there are only like 36 minutes left of the day, and it seems too many words to attempt in so little time ;(
11:34 pm

I only have one 10 and the first letter is e hope this helps
11:40 pm

6-7's, 1-10, 20-6's= No 8's or 9's
think I'm finished. (Joey)
11:54 pm

I forgot to come back - now there's only 10minutes left, for someone to give me some clues, pretty please.
I need only 2-10s, 3-7s, 23-6s, 22-5s and some 4s--- I'll be your new best friend!.