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View Word List Tuesday, July 20, 2004


1276 4fun
1258 harlequn
1255 brainless
1227 claws
1197 Huh
1191 vialle
1176 Cruella
1159 ZoeyMO
1138 Suzanah
1122 phin
1078 sally
1063 jlm_mi
1063 moody_mage
1063 eshadow
1061 nutislander
1047 mellowmasher
1041 Kukana
1023 stevedallas
1016 atljenn
1003 Karin
991 Lin
976 ryan
937 retropink
937 GeneralVanya
883 keadyj
882 elhombre
875 cbullock
867 czdad
865 Atalante
863 fnurt
862 Daisy
858 cragesmure
854 fixitfmly
846 Wendrie
821 ladyles2763
820 dandydon55
818 seluine
811 setting_sun
809 qc
807 Michelle
807 skovran
798 becca_boo
792 Milly
785 cunninghampa
780 liz
775 bigbirdboss
771 parker313
768 Mrs Often
750 pat
745 helmet
739 runningforhome
739 tommyslax
727 Jenn
726 eyezzz
725 soho72
712 Cruella
710 Stin
707 Christine
704 Law18
702 yaygena
701 Palavra
699 danielse
693 discodave
691 pizzafreak
691 granadan
690 atlatl51
677 Lains
677 hitthosekeys
669 bumblebee
667 krysia
666 Asfaloth
649 marigold
640 Judi
636 jake2ba
620 jenleigh22801
612 ladybug
600 boatierra
593 Beeyotch
591 bebelua
588 joanie84
587 ame
584 subseti
584 jen
584 4t8
561 Riff
560 MammaJill
558 elphaba
555 Dani
552 lfaerie
550 zacharij
543 blubber
540 eddie
538 berekah
532 Q
531 lauren
528 angsthase
516 Jumpy Girl
509 BIA
503 Minski
502 romied29
497 krista
491 Sloopy
490 rightmoon
488 faunafrailty
482 vaughne
480 Debi
475 G-Unit
472 Yecats
471 SuperGoddess
468 Hargitt
467 Maggith
466 banny
464 faeanna
464 trixiew
457 cz
456 majenwen
448 periwinkle
447 dimwit
444 modina
444 katmom
443 a1axelady
438 minette
429 Treble99
429 Jennie
426 jenmusic1
425 Neliamne
424 erindee
415 aimless
411 svog
407 agogo
401 Boo
398 pmo260
392 burghlass
391 nat
386 genny
379 kcenya
379 floradivine
370 anniem
368 Rico Diablo
365 ShanV
365 Jemima
364 selozai
360 Whisper
357 Tanny
351 maraca
346 Jenner
346 Natasha
343 Ladlegul14
337 ConXshun
337 SugarButt
322 ABittel
321 onyx
311 mightynancy
311 Annette
296 alimaya
289 jennyb
271 canadianokie
268 saila
262 darius776
261 Stephanie2377
255 fancy
252 lanij
252 shansun
244 ansalon
242 FFFF
240 Fishbait
232 bubbles
227 elvendoll
226 jpb769
223 cooklt43
212 kmmb83
208 nutkin
207 MPSpiker
200 drscottjennings
196 fifi
190 Cindy
190 court
188 SillyPutty
187 Nitsur
187 Corinne
183 carrie
177 athena
177 ro_man99
176 KarenA14
175 myringe
173 dnlowrance
168 yiddishkopf
168 Tolinya
162 jmurdock
160 samalsfors
159 laura
158 Phelanator
158 rathsog
152 Jeanette
152 tinyg0dzilla
150 Karriep
150 Ciel
150 ridthecancer
149 Redplaydoh
147 Eve
145 newby
144 Goat
144 Angela
140 seaotter
140 wewantmore
136 Moon
131 Moosette541
130 Argamon
130 incender
124 Wonderva
123 Indymom
121 ksquared
121 rebelangel
111 Larry
110 allbaldo
106 Sté
98 Linda72
95 Sherigayle
92 mykatyboo
90 Lowes48
83 Annaquin
81 jbullock
76 linda
72 Angela77
72 George
71 lisay
66 Sonechko
66 erriayne
62 x marks the spot
55 spappy
54 taxi
53 defenestrate99
51 flyingpig
50 suprina73
44 BooMom
38 Danielle
36 Beltane
35 susan1974
30 RKL2
29 sunshineib
26 LBD
23 Kathira
22 Leslie
22 riff
18 Swtbtrcup
15 Cheater
14 babbled
10 Essentia
4 patty
4 Jimbo
4 practice


12:03 am

woot me first
12:06 am

hehe . . . first word I see is Richard Nixon! ;-)
12:11 am

HA! me too!!
12:13 am

and i keep seeing retina
12:19 am

Isn't crome a word?
12:21 am

no but chrome is
12:22 am

lol, there we go!
Ignore me!
12:23 am

damn i wish this was easier
12:25 am

im glad most of the double o words can have er added to the end
12:28 am

Okay, my husband and I have become addicted to this game. He just walked in while I ws lookig nad the first word he found was something a bit naughty. :)
12:28 am

When a 6 for 30 is exciting, it's time to go to bed.
12:29 am

could I have more typos in that message?
12:31 am


12:37 am

damn theres a sex toy in this puzzle
12:41 am

so how is every 1 duin to night?
12:45 am

not very well 41/457 nothing like yeterdays
12:46 am

i have 43 460
12:46 am

but i just found a 8 letter word worth 45
12:48 am

ryan - last week you said you're only 14..... does your Mama know you're looking for sex toys, in the Babble grid???
12:50 am

o damn u have a good memory and im at my dads house + its only words not the real thing
12:50 am

and im not looking for em i found em
12:55 am

54 words 591
12:58 am

"At 12:50 am ryan said...

and im not looking for em i found em"

Oh sure, that's what they all say ;)
1:01 am

And of course, my first two words are two different spelling of said sex toy. "Always looking to expand my vocabulary," is what I'll say if I'm ever questioned...
1:01 am

Morning Christine.
1:05 am

mulhermujer im sorry your a gay crack addict
1:08 am

His gay crack addict what?
1:10 am

Goodmorning, Marianne - what're these sex toys? and how come I don't know about such things??
Yesterday was a much nicer grid - today I have 42 wwords for 365 points... still looking for anything over a 7.
1:12 am

the sex toys are dildo and dildoe
1:13 am

"At 01:05 am ryan said...

mulhermujer im sorry your a gay crack addict"

Speak to the ones you love with that mouth? I'll forgive you just this once 'cause you're 14. BTW, it should read, "I'm sorry you're a gay crack addict." If you're gonna try and playfully insult someone, be sure your grammar is correct. Now, back to hunting for words.....
1:14 am

Hold it!! The first word mulhermujer saw was a sex toy -- the first word the rest of us saw was crook, representing Nixon --- OMGosh, he was mmm's sex toy??? yick!!
1:14 am

Ryan are you sure you're only 14? You seem so much older :P
1:15 am

fuck off mulhermujer
1:17 am

OMGosh, I've led a sheltered life when a 14yr.old finds these before me..... are you sure -- no, don't tell me, please.
1:17 am

Don't give away words... it ruins it for other people.
1:17 am

"At 01:14 am eyezzz said...

Ryan are you sure you're only 14? You seem so much older :P"

Oh good, then it's not just me. Maybe ryan is a really seasoned 14 yo.
1:20 am

"At 01:15 am ryan said...

<beep> off mulhermujer"

Dude, take it easy. I was just joshing with you. I laughed when I saw your GCA post. If I insulted you, I apologize. It is not my intention to be mean to anyone ever. Take it light ;)
1:20 am

yes i am realy 14 im just pissed off and mulhermujer just happend to piss me off even more
1:27 am

and then it goes silent
1:33 am

Arg!! I'm stuck. 33/4.39/296. It's late, and I need fresh eyes for tomorrow. Boa noite a todos :)
1:35 am

69 words/ 4.49/ 717
1:44 am

70/804 must be lots im not seeing
2:05 am

85 words 4.54 919
hows everyone else doing
2:15 am

well i was hopen to break 1k but i ended up with 92 words/4.52/976

2:16 am

good night all.

and remember nothing in this world is free.
2:29 am

Well, I came back, thinking I could find some more words... but still only 61 for 672.
I'm going back to my book.
4:39 am

here we go again - won't accept cert. Has this dictionary never been taught the phrase 'dead cert' ?
4:56 am

Yay!! a six letter for 33 points
6:36 am

70 words 4.60 774

Only one 7 and I can't see any 8s :-(
6:37 am

The 8 letter word is a 7 letter word with an extra vowel stuck in the middle.
6:49 am

....and both are birds.
7:23 am

now I keep trying to find cormorant :S
7:26 am

The 8 is also a fish, by the way
7:33 am

The only bird I have is a four-letter one!
7:42 am

I want to know where uterus was in yesterdays puzzle. If there is a qu can you use the u independent of the q?
7:53 am

You don't need to use the u from the Q, there are three other Us in the puzzle. For 'uterus', start with the one near the bottom left (just above the E at the bottom left corner).
7:55 am

isnt your 8 letter wordt spelt wrongly?
8:05 am

I think poplier should be a word. ;) When my sister-in-law was little she said it all the time - "I like that song. It's really poplier right now." LOL!
8:32 am

Thanks for the bird clues, I finally got the 8 and related 7 - so that's just one 8 and two 7s I've found. Anyone got more?

I finally cracked 1000... don't think I'm going to get any more, though. 90 words 4.62 1011
8:32 am

Good morning, Looks like a tough one.
8:32 am

'toodle' isn't a word?! I know people who say variations of that word for 'good-bye' ;-)
8:35 am

Not surebut think it is used in the plural form - toodles
8:41 am

aah . . . looked it up in websters -- 'tootle' means to move along in a leisurely manner . . . no one I know enunciates the second 't' ;)
8:43 am

How many words are in this puzzle.
8:50 am

There are 117 possible words today.
8:51 am
Mrs Often

Thanks Parker... how do you know?
8:51 am

Thanks parker313. I have 39 but only just started. This will not be my best game. How many words do you have?
8:53 am

I have 7 but I just got here :-P

Tamsin - There are online boggle solver thingies where you plug in the grid and they give you all the possible words. I close my eyes, scroll down real fast and get just the word count at the bottom :-P

If you look back at my scores, you *know* I'm not using it to cheat :-P
9:03 am
Mrs Often

Hahaha, I trust you! Thank you Parker!
9:27 am

There's a hanukkah word in there ... not exactly how I would normally spell it though. 6 letters for 24 points
9:28 am

That's not how I would have thought to spell it either.
9:30 am

Just got a 7 for 36, but it's further away than I thought it would be ;)
9:30 am

Yeah, I think I would have swapped those last two letters. Still - thanks for the clue! :)
9:30 am

No, scratch that. What I meant was I would have added a letter second from the end. Can't think straight this morning!
9:30 am

I've learned to try the new and unusual with this dictionary ;) LOL!!
9:46 am

LOL Me to Parker!! its interesting to see how many times the Babble grid has been punched in also hmmm ....

The good news is that I think the Cheaters have finally got it that its a pointless exercise ND we know their Game <shrugs> noticed that we have stopped getting about same 6 peeps with the max score everyday LOL

P.S Please bring the Car round the front ;) CHEERS!! THANKS ALOT!! LMAO!!
9:48 am

Hmmm -I have the 4 letter bird. But I also have a 6 letter bird for 24 points. I'm wondering if this is an alternative spelling of the 7 & 8 letter birds, or if it's unrelated. Anyone got both and know?
9:58 am

Huh - Yeah, kinda takes all the challenge out of the game to sit there and punch in a list that's just given to you!
10:05 am

This puzzle has a vendetta against oodle words! No 'oodle' or 'toodle'!
10:07 am

And what the hell's wrong with 'toppler'?! Gah!
10:26 am

A follow up on the total word counts. I noticed that the high scorer for yesterday had more than the "total" so I realized that they must be pulling from different dictionaries... As we've all seen, there are some odd things that the babble dictionary has accepted!

The total yesterday was only off by 5 I believe.
10:32 am

parker - I just looked through the top scorer's word list and they were even missing one word that I had - 'dita' - and that would have earned them 5 more points, for the record.
10:37 am

The top scorer from yesterday did not have the word "eath" either.
10:38 am

Read the logs form yesterday. There were 336 possible words.
10:43 am

You're right. For some reason I was thinking 236, not 336......
10:47 am

I am stuck at 45, 448.
10:48 am

I have 3 animals :)
10:49 am

counting the birds? and the fish? or three others?
10:49 am

I have the 4 letter fish, but am still looking for the birds.
11:00 am

91/1013 but only have 1 7 and no 8's any clues out there
11:02 am

I can't find the fish or the fish/bird. :( Anyone willing to give another clue?
11:03 am

I also only have 1 7, but I have a 6 for 33.
11:18 am

Marianne -- you're rising in the rankings....
I have one bird, and one animal
11:20 am

I found a sex toy - that's naughty!
11:22 am

82 and 869 this one is tough
11:32 am

These 7 & 8 letter fish/birds - did people have to look them up to know that they're fish/birds, or are they commonly known words?
11:34 am

The 7 and 8 lettere birds are actually the same European bird with a spelling variation. The 8 letter version is the more common version....if you consider this to be common at all.
11:35 am

So, those of us on the other side of the pond may have more trouble with this one? ;)
11:37 am

Sometimes you find the birds in a pond....just not in THE pond.
11:39 am

I just KNEW I was supposed to join the Audubon Society.
11:42 am

Then it's probably not at all related to the 6 letter bird that I found, which is a hawk. I have 4 animals, but not the 7/8 letter ones yet. In alphabetical order they are:

4-letter fish
5-letter mammal
4-letter bird
6-letter bird
11:46 am

I had the 4 letter bird all along, but was thinking of it by it's other definition!
11:47 am

'Toodles', I think, is always plural, a bastardization of 'tout l'heure' (we also say 'toodle-oo).
If we had another D we could enter 'toddle'.. if only.
Okay, gotta bird, an animal, a fish... but what's with this fish/bird? boggles the sleepy mind.
11:56 am

6 & 7 letter birds are not related. The 6 is also the name for a car model from Japan.
12:08 pm

All this talk of birds, I keep seeing kestrel in there now...
12:09 pm

and all I want is a chicken sandwich!
12:13 pm

There's a horse, a primate, an insect, a few fish, and a few birds. I haven't the foggiest idea about the bird/fish except that 1 or more of the birds might eat fish.
12:15 pm

There are also 3 cars...1 generic, 1 Japanese and 1 American, the latter 2 also have non-automotive meanings.
12:16 pm

The mammal that I found is neither horse nor primate - it's a small marine animal.
12:19 pm

oops...i forgot to include that mammal. And the horse and/or other equine is not from N or S America.
12:25 pm

Don't have the horse or the primate, but it took me forever to realize that I do, indeed, have the generic car mentioned.
12:28 pm

primate is 5 letters and horse/equine is 4
12:29 pm

the 8 letter fish / bird - know nothing about birds, but its not a common fish, no. The benefit of being a marine biologist :P Let me try and think of a clue for it
12:38 pm

I keep finding more obscure words meaning types of fish, but all small. 4 letters, maybe 5 for 1 or 2. Strange!
12:39 pm

Found the extremely obscure primate by random trial and error. :)
1:30 pm

Where is everyone?

This 7/8 fish/bird is for 36 & 45 points, correct?
1:36 pm

88 and 961 and thats as far as I can go.
1:48 pm

Trying to get some real work done :-P

I've got most of the animals.
2:19 pm

the infamous bird/fish is 32 and 45.
2:24 pm
Mrs Often

Has anyone got more than one K word?
2:25 pm

Since when is "mook" not a word?
2:28 pm

I have two words beginning with K.

Thanks for the 7/8 point counts. That makes more sense, I was doing the math wrong!
2:32 pm

i cant find any animals, or k words
2:40 pm

I guess mook is too slang for it. But if you look mook up in the dictionary, you may find it's origin, which is a word in this puzzle. ;)
2:43 pm

whoo broke a thousand now Im done for good really
2:46 pm
Mrs Often

73; 768, and no more. No animals for me either, but mushrooms! Night.
3:17 pm

I have 3 words beginning with "k"
3:54 pm

what continent does the 6 letter bird live on ?
3:59 pm

I'm not a bird person, but I'd guess at least North America and Europe. It's a type of hawk.
4:03 pm

Any hints out there for the 6 for 33?
4:04 pm

OK, I swear you all are looking at a different puzzle than I am... I only have 33 words and have struggled for those! Too much Babbling, my eyes are blurring, can't see any more words... :P

Good luck all! Stick a fork in me, I'm DONE.
4:11 pm

It's kinda cheeky for you to ask for a hint for the 33 pointer.
4:13 pm

Hey - I wouldn't complain if you gave a hint....
4:26 pm

I've run through every hawk I know of , no luck ! I have 6 letter for 30. to do with sales ?
4:36 pm

You obviously hang out with the wrong crowd of hawks.
4:40 pm

I'm learning more about hawks than I ever cared to know, and still haven't found it...I did make the 50 mark, though, which was pretty exciting since 38 was my top for a while today. Definitely a hard one!
4:42 pm

If you are giving up on hawks, look for the name of a model of a Japanese car. It's the same word.
6:31 pm

I know of 10 Japanese car names and I cannot find any of them in this puzzle.
6:33 pm

Trying to get to 50 but still stuck at 45. I think I found a fish but can't find any of the others even with the hints.
6:48 pm

I'm going to assume the cheeky comment was a hint and run with it. ;)

The Japanese car is not the brand name (like Pontiac) but the model name (like Grand Am). It's made by either the top Japanese car maker or the second.
7:42 pm

I've been out of town for a week and my player ranking has moved up 80 places. who would have guessed.
7:52 pm

Lucky you! I was out of town for a week and FELL 40 places!!!
7:56 pm

A smile makes the 6 for 33... :-)
8:08 pm

"At 12:39 pm jlm_mi said...

Found the extremely obscure primate by random trial and error. :)"

I only know of five great apes: gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans and humans. And two lesser apes: gibbons and siamangs. There is no B, G or H in the puzzle, so I am trying to figure out what obscure primate you found? Are you refering to a subspecies name?
8:09 pm

Here is the definition from

Any of several small nocturnal African primates of the genera Perodicticus and Arctocebus, having a pointed snout, large eyes and ears, and a stumplike index finger and tail.
8:10 pm

Ohh, I'm an idiot. When I read your post, I kept seeing the word ape, not primate. Nevermind ;)
8:12 pm

A combo of the last two clues FINALLY helped me get the 6 for 33. Now back to the 7/8 fish/bird. Sigh . . .
8:56 pm

Got the primate now, that *is* obscure! Still working on the cheeky/smiley 6 for 33 and the 7/8 fish/bird ones.

71 words 4.55 759
9:00 pm

OK, must give up and go to bed with 96/4.60/1063. But the real question is - Will I be able to sleep, or will I be constantly running through 7 & 8 letter combos. :-D
9:34 pm

I am so through 84/4.50/821 Not good at all.
10:20 pm

stuck at 50 but have found an exotic mushroom.
10:54 pm

Got the mushroom by pure chance, and I found the primate. First time I have ever heard of that one. I have no 7's or 8's. This puzzle is a hard one for me.
11:11 pm

54 for 571 today, this is tough!
11:33 pm

My nephew ryan sure does have a dirty mouth, I can't believe you found the sex toys bud. I have been a little too busy today to play but I will tonight. Hope your noggin is feeling better.
11:37 pm

Just back from a verrry long lunch, with my daughter -- too late to find much in this puzzle.
I have the mammal, a fish, a bird and with your help, the primate... I kept looking for an ape; Gawd knows what the equine thing is - I was sooo sure it was a hippo (my fave animal).. ah well, tomorrow is another day, another grid.
Closing at 66 for 707, and absolutely nothing over 7 letters.
Back in 30 minutes....
11:37 pm

*grumbles* can't find any 7s or 8s and I don't see any birds or fish and only one car . . . think I must have the grid Christine says she gets . . . ;-P
11:42 pm

Wahey, found one 7 at last!
11:53 pm

Here I am searching for this exotic mushroom, and I unknowingly already had it. And to think, that time could have been spent finding a seven- or eight-letter word...