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View Word List Wednesday, September 15, 2004


1831 claws
1828 Kirsty1
1817 Karin
1799 fnurt
1655 bumblebee
1647 jlm_mi
1561 Wendrie
1555 Ricey
1523 Daisy
1475 Suzanah
1458 parsec
1450 Mal
1427 Milly
1411 sar
1400 hitthosekeys
1374 keadyj
1327 Juliet
1296 Krys10
1294 MammaJill
1274 bigbirdboss
1254 Benjake
1248 Treble99
1206 Guinevere
1159 runningforhome
1131 Poephol
1129 SummerBreeze44
1123 fit1
1095 alimaya
1071 sprite
1070 sally
1069 busymom
1066 shyly
1047 periwinkle
1047 King Henrik
1027 stevedallas
1003 cathycal
985 Asfaloth
970 Christine
956 Atalante
862 granadan
858 marigold
838 Minski
824 ElizabethS
793 jayferg
788 iluvtigs
772 Kitlee
735 myringe
731 Q
697 Achates
694 Britneysdead
671 modina
655 Krista
652 krysia
643 eddie
620 erindee
619 BIA
599 ewenme
595 thesnark
588 Hargitt
576 ame
569 jan
567 skovran
557 gcmgolfnut
556 Sté
555 defenestrate99
546 grasshopper8
528 onyx
526 Dottie
524 Kaetchen
517 angeelu
514 Bananagram
504 Jumpy Girl
503 Annette
488 Xinyi
467 youngster
466 spappy
456 incender
453 a1axelady
442 dspike
425 karenuk1969
425 jennyb
414 ansalon
411 4t8
405 JOG
374 leiascully
374 Jenner
370 K-Dog
370 pennypooh
365 KAMS
364 Swtbtrcup
345 ABittel
345 Fantasy
343 Jstarra
330 cz
318 skunked
304 Leo
292 carrie
286 Neliamne
280 ctjoueur
247 heyjupiter
244 dnlowrance
234 katerrific
225 Ciel
221 AndrewW
218 Sonechko
217 jmurdock
216 pinto
205 Matthew
205 jenyi
201 carmen
200 cr8onguy
193 Jemima
187 bebelua
178 Larry
168 vaughne
163 leighann675
160 subseti
143 twinkpuddin
133 The Divine Miss
121 Lowes48
120 boatierra
119 bibimbop
118 Ennael
110 cheryl
104 WIUAmy
83 betterthannofun
83 KarenA14
82 Dustin
81 Ashtonb
75 Elizabeth
68 Wayne
54 sam
28 fifi
11 a-dawg
6 Special K


12:12 am

I can't remember the last time I played. It is nice to take time off.
12:20 am

Yeah, Baby, Yeah!! Danger is my middle name.....(hint, hint)
1:08 am

45 words for 607.

my 'biggie" is a 7 for 40. (four 7's total so far, and seven 6's).
2:52 am

Today's babble stats:

By word length:

4 ..... 63
5 ..... 27
6 ..... 24
7 ...... 8
8 ...... 2
Total: 124

By start letter:

A 6
C 16
D 5
E 1
F 6
i 3
J 5
L 7
M 5
N 5
O 8
P 24
R 18
T 13
Y 2
2:57 am

Oh dang... 50 words for 518...six 6s... a cup of tea, then try to find the 'big' words.
6:02 am

7 for 32
7:28 am

I have an 8 for 45.
7:45 am

can you give a clue or starting letter for the 8 thanks
7:46 am

Starts with O
7:50 am

Thanks fnurt
8:14 am

Does anyone know what letter the second 8 starts with? I got the 8 for 45
8:33 am

I can only tell you that it does not start with D or E, as I have all of those and don't have the second 8. This puzzle is a toughie for me!
8:39 am

Has anyone found any Y words? I thought ytria was a word, but apparently that has 2 Ts.
8:56 am

well put 2 Ts in then :P
8:57 am

Doh, I'm an idiot!!!! LOL, have a free word everyone. :-p
8:58 am

8:59 am

Thanks JLM_MI.
I never would have found that one.
9:03 am

Thanks .The 2nd Y is spelt the same except the last letter.
9:10 am

Thanks to you also Karin!
9:12 am

jim why don't you tell us all the words u have found :D
9:13 am

Xinyi - I'll think about it, but don't hold your breath. ;)
9:33 am

you know my dog is a drooler
9:34 am

I thought exactly the same thing, steve! And I have great pictures of my little brother, the drooler, when he was a baby. :)
9:57 am

Stuck in my head: "I see you shiver with anticip-"
10:02 am

Any clues for the 7/40?
10:05 am

7/40: "bitingly sarcastic"
10:24 am

What letter does the 7/40 start with?
10:25 am

forget it.
found it.
10:26 am

Just an update to the quest for the other 8 letter word - it doesn't start with D,E,i,J,M or Y.
10:43 am

If panini isn't a word, then what is that I'm eating when I go to Panera?????
10:53 am

I don't know but it sure tastes good!
Maybe panini is one of those foreign language words that babble doesn't accept.
10:57 am

I have 3 N4's (5,4,6) and 1 N6 (24). What am I missing?
10:58 am

You are missing a 5/16, and I'm missing that 6. Thanks for the help!
11:00 am

Got the N6! The N5 could start from either N if that helps. :)
11:02 am

Ask any Dead Head and they'll tell you that tripier is a word.
11:08 am

Thanks for the clue, jlm. I used to work in a bank and you'd be surprised how many people think 'ninty' is a number.
11:50 am

Sadly, I'm not surprised by that. ;)
12:07 pm

the other 8 is a P for 70.
12:13 pm

That was a REALLY weird word until I looked up the definition. Guess I should have paid attention in chemistry class!
12:15 pm

How is everyone doing with 7's? I have only 5 (36, 32, 40, 28, 48)
12:25 pm

Is your 36 a P? If not, well, there is a 36/P.
12:28 pm

Thanks for more clues. Will search for a P/8/70 and a 7/48. Sorry, fnurt, I only have the four 7s you mentioned and not the 48. Though, I don't know if yours are in alphabetical order. Mine go 32,40,36 (the p mentioned below),28
12:29 pm

Yay, the chemistry hint led me to the right prefix for the P/8/70 and from there it was easy! Thank you so much. :-D
1:05 pm

There are at least three 7/36s. I have two at the beginning, then my P.
1:23 pm

So then we have 36, 36, 32, 40, 36, 28, 48, and one mystery 7.
1:28 pm

The last one is a T-7 for 40.
1:35 pm

Oh, that T40 is a beautiful one to find!
2:14 pm

I am still missing 2 P's. I have PAx9, PIx9, PRx4, but alas, no more...
2:21 pm

So, to summarize what I know of the big words. Anyone else please fill in blanks!

8/45/O - one who confers orders on a priest or rabbi
8/70/P - a VERY small unit of measure in chemistry

7/36/C - a gemstone
7/36 - not sure what this starts with, so it may go before the other one
7/32/D - one that empties liquids from something
7/40/M - bitingly sarcastic
7/36/P - grassy plain
7/28/R - wetter climate
7/48 - not sure what this starts with
7/40/T - divine trio

For 6's I'll just list points in alphabetical order:

2:21 pm

fnurt - I think I have the same P words that you have . . .
2:22 pm

I have PIx10, but I'm also missing 2 Ps, so I'm not sure where your other missing one is. (I'm missing one of your PAs.)
2:27 pm

jlm_mi, m'dear... thank you for your (inadvertent) clue to the two Y-words... no way I'd've found them... well, I guess I could've noodled for two or three hours.
Any other mistakes you want to confess to us?
2:28 pm

Well, I keep seeing picnic and onion, and that's making me hungry. But I don't think you can get any words from those. :-p
2:29 pm

also, the gemstone is actually the second 7/36. The first is "an oily liquid" I found by accident--it's related to a 6/24 and (letterwise, not meaningwise) to a 4/6.
2:33 pm

Got the O/8, but I have never been a chemistry person. Oh, well, there's an 8 I won'g get :)
2:34 pm

and another addition (sorry, i keep getting interrupted so I can't process the comments properly) My sixes: I have 4x24 there after the first 18, 3x24 between the 33 and 39, and an extra 18 after the 39.
2:43 pm

fit1 - If you have a math/science background other than chemistry, it is "one trillionth of" something. (The something being the second half of the word.) The something is a very basic chemical unit, and also an animal. :)
2:43 pm

oh - and thanks, parsec, for the hints to other big words. :)
2:56 pm

No problem. Thanks for listing the clues for everything I'm missing in the j-o area =)
2:57 pm
King Henrik

Surely a "drooler" is someone who drools?
Another black mark to go into my book of grievance.......
2:59 pm

jlm_mi ... :-p .. id you poke out your tongue?
3:01 pm

Of course, that should've said 'DID'... aargh
3:01 pm

Yes. It was meant to be a sign that I'm feeling silly. I wasn't giving you a raspberry! :-D
3:04 pm

what, it won't take LENIN? ;-)
3:09 pm

Christine are you still there?
3:09 pm

I tried it too, thinking it sounded like a perfectly good word, but in truth, it's only a proper name.
3:38 pm

How about O word? I have 3xOL and 3xOR and am missing 2.
3:40 pm

Marianne - I'm here (did you see how jlm_mi dissed me? go get her)
3:44 pm

There are 5 OR's. You might be missing a 5/6 combo.
3:46 pm

Thanks Jlm_mi - between my daughter and me, we finally got it.
3:47 pm

I was, thanks. I had no idea what they were, but as soon as you said that, they became obvious noodling choices for some reason. Thanks!

And Christine - I think I'm going to call my mom and have her come take me home. It's no fun playing here anymore if you're all going to gang up on me. :-D
3:48 pm

Well, I have to go home and take the pups swimming, but I'll come back later to see if I can find any more words I'm missing. I still need 3 6s. Looking for 2xA, 4xC, 2xL, 1xP, 5xR, 2xT. Clues always welcome! :-D
3:51 pm

4 of the A's start with the same 3 letters.
4:15 pm

Christine you just tell this old bird will fix them for you
4:34 pm

Thank you, Babe.... obviously, she know not what a load o' rubble she could get on her head....
Are you doing well, on this grid? I have 65 for 900, (six each 6s and 7s, no 8s), and need a cup of tea, before I can go further.
4:58 pm

Christine I have 84 word 1265 but I am now stuck need coffee.
You have MAIL
4:59 pm

panini, anyone?
5:04 pm

What's a Panini?
5:37 pm

I have a 6/24 that i don't think is on our list yet - it's between the 6/21 and the 6/33
5:44 pm

Christine You Have MAIL
5:48 pm

Panir, anyone?
6:18 pm

the O's and A's are drawing a blank....
7:54 pm

There are 4xAi and 2xAN, 3xOL, 5xOR.
8:11 pm

I have none of the I (eye) words.
8:13 pm

I only have one L word 4/4
8:14 pm

I now have 3 L words.
9:32 pm

75 - 1059. Not very good I fear
11:50 pm

Any last-minute hints for the c-7s?