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View Word List Friday, October 22, 2004


4460 sprite
4382 butterfly
4354 testing
4192 dolphin
4062 marigold
3992 parsec
3919 fnurt
3855 periwinkle
3533 onyx
3294 bigbirdboss
2948 Milly
2776 stevedallas
2696 Treble99
2578 Stephanaki
2495 Benjake
2283 Lains
2282 inaniloquent
2271 iluvtigs
2260 smoove
2257 eddie
2236 Achates
2158 minette
1992 Atalante
1915 sally
1912 Christine
1808 dean
1766 Mrkwako
1751 Fishbulb
1724 Aussie Goddess
1708 Wendrie
1675 dspike
1674 boatierra
1541 Robbo
1530 skovran
1498 gcmgolfnut
1498 jennyb
1471 SummerBreeze44
1452 granadan
1423 hitthosekeys
1396 fixitfmly
1374 ansalon
1351 catsmm
1337 jan
1267 MammaJill
1245 athena
1215 Janice
1146 Jumpy Girl
1122 shyly
1073 pam
1061 Sté
1060 Minski
1019 BIA
944 svog
919 KirstyM
892 tset
884 Annette
854 vaughne
836 Ashy & Sini
823 Britneysdead
803 roomette
777 defenestrate99
705 hikat
681 thomasjpaul
662 incender
615 dnlowrance
606 fifi
605 Ray
537 faeanna
536 spongebob222
528 vido1970
501 Xinyi
483 Swtbtrcup
456 cr8onguy
454 LK
435 AndrewW
397 bebelua
359 HBucky
340 Tolinya
321 Suzanah
310 elphaba
296 4t8
284 a1axelady
283 linda
280 skunked
264 clotho
255 mystikchick
255 alimaya
229 Karen
217 Matthew
179 Ricey
163 Bob
158 K-Dog
107 kdl
107 Hargitt
88 play
35 The Divine Miss
21 mommy2aQT
14 HMS
6 testing123


12:05 am

Inaniloquent -- sorry about shortening your name... I was running out of time, but wanted to acknowledge your post.
Thanks, again.
12:52 am

ick double ick and triple ick (not the puzzle just life) I'm going for drinks at 8am. Anyone gonna join me? (that'd be in about 8 hours...)
12:58 am

woot got a 7 for 32 without any hints

still going for drinks at 8am
1:01 am

and why wouldn't regoon be a word? wouldn't that to be gooned again??
1:03 am

ok quitting for the night.

37 @ 340

me and my bad mood are retiring..or being regooned LOL...

1:05 am

an 8 for 65
1:18 am

There is a 10! For 91.
I think I'm gonna like this grid. Tried to lengthen a C8 with a prefix and it was accepted! :)
1:25 am

There must be hundreds of words in this grid, I keep on finding new ones...
1:29 am

8/50 - 9/66 combo
1:40 am

What was yesterday's 'sturgeon' word.... I just couldn't see it.
2:19 am

R 10 FOR 91 !!!!!!!!!!!
2:59 am

Could be another of those 400+ grids, because I found 298 words now. I'll list the biggies I have so far:
A8/50 - A9/66 combo: hormone(s)
C8/55: something you find on windows and glasses
C8/55 : causes to solidify
C8/55: member of same group
E8/50: to bring into being
N8/55: related to what this game teaches me every day
2x N8/40: related to nerves (2 related 7's as well, and a 6)
R10/91: to C8 again
S8/60: a substance that humans and sharks share... funny idea! I recently read oldfashioned watchmakers use it too, to oil fine mechanics.
S8/65: to waste
3:04 am

So far I used the Q 3 times, and only once to start a word with. Back later!
3:49 am

since when is pogo not a word! ;)
4:09 am

and pongier!
5:49 am

Thanks for the tip on the 10 sprite - I got it! Hurrah!

Nice grid today.
6:21 am

You're welcome, Fishbulb. :)
I really hope someone will come up with the stats, I cannot find more words than I have so far. It would help to know what to look for.
7:49 am

I'm not sure I'm playing today, but probably won't be able to resist. In any event, I have stats from the non-enable solver, so in total there are 307 words but here are 305 of them:

11x8 (this includes any words longer than 8 also)


If anyone has found the 2 words that aren't accounted for, please post where you have more for both starting letter and length.
7:54 am

Testing, thanks! I'll go see what I am missing and if I find any missing words, I'll post it right away.
7:55 am

21 x a
8:00 am

And I have 36 x p. That should account for the 2 missing words in the count, I think.
8:02 am

No, sorry, misread the stats.
I read the 20x7 for 20 x A.
8:06 am

The other missing word is a word I don't have yet. I am still 5 short.
If I counted right though, I have 12 biggies, not 11. I'll count the 7's I have, don't have time to count all the others now. :(
8:09 am

Okay, got 20 x 7, just as your solver. So one missing wordlength is a biggie, the other 6 or less.
8:09 am

Stupid of me - unless one of my missing ones is a 7. Forget this post and the one before this...
8:22 am

I checked my plurals and found another R6, that makes 34 x R in total. Still one word short, an S.
Anyone there who wants to compare?
I have
Sa x7
Se x 15
SL x 3
Sn x7
Sq x2
Total 34 x S.
9:14 am

Ok, so, to recap: the stats kindly posted at 7:49 by testing are correct with the addition of an R6 and a P, is that correect? How long is the missing P word?
9:15 am

No, the R6 is not necessarily the missing word. There are two words missing from the stats, and they do start with R and P, but sprite doesn't know which of his/her R and P words are the missing ones.

Sprite does have 12 words of 8 or more letters, but doesn't know the length of the other mystery word yet.
9:40 am

how is noogie not a word?
9:43 am

I just wanted to pass on a quick congratulations to "pam" for being the 3000th Babbler to sign up!

Keep on Babblin', my fellow Babblers!
9:52 am

NEENER should be a word.
9:52 am

parsec - I also tried noogie. And I think redeal is perfectly valid as well.
10:40 am

Thanks testing, you are correct. The stats are right, we only should add one P and one R word.
I hope someone can help me with that d*rn missing S, because I am out of my depth making new ones. When I am done, I'll try and do a count of word lengths as well.
10:41 am

I've only got 32 Ss. Wish I could help. I'm missing the one you are, plus one of your SAs and one of your SEs.
10:52 am

Perhaps this helps one or both of us ;)
My list of S's is:
Sa4 x3
Sa5 x3
Sa6 x1
Se4 x7
Se5 x6
Se6 x1
Se7 x1
SL4 x1
SL7 x2
Sn4 x2
Sn5 x4
Sn6 x1
Sq8 x2

Though come to think of it: those Sq8's actually use only 7 tiles, of course. That Q counts double, as Qu.
10:57 am

I have exactly the same as you, except that I'm missing the SE7. That should help me find it, but doesn't help us find the missing one. I just double checked my stats, and it really does say that there are 35xS, so that wasn't a typo.
11:03 am

I have two SL7's...
11:04 am

oh sorry, i misread
11:04 am

and I have two Sa6s.
11:05 am

I'm stuck in a potentially boring all-day conference and will be babbling on paper :)
11:06 am

No, I think your stats must be accurate, testing. I am missing one S of those 35 and one word in total too, so that adds up. With the P and R all is accounted for. Only that S-word... aaarrrggghhh! Senour? Seol? Sanneg? *lol*
11:07 am

Where is that U word hiding?
11:08 am

Parsec, yours must be the missing one! I have Sa6: tool to smooth wood. Could you please give me a hint for that other one, cause I really cannot think of any option I haven't tried.
11:10 am

your third guess was close, sprite. it means "Native American married man."
11:10 am

The U word is 5 letters and has appeared in the puzzles before or I wouldn't know it. It is a stage of rust.
11:10 am

The U-word is one I learned from Babble. A nasty kind of rash or some part of the life cycle of rust.
11:11 am

Is the SE7 a common word, or obscure?
11:13 am

Obscure to me, also a word I learned from a prior grid.
It is a plant genus.
11:15 am

Parsec, thanks a million! Wouldn't have found it if it weren't for your hint, I noodled it from my 3rd guess. NEVER heard of the word.

307 words 5.04 4460 points.

Nice grid. I'll do a wordlength count now.
11:22 am

no problem! thanks in return for all the lovely clues!
11:30 am

Anyone wanna compare 7s?

A28 - hardens a metal or glass
A48 - don't have a definition, but sounds like a word that is the furthest point from the center of an orbit
C40 - to solidify
C40 - central African republic, or black tea (plural)
i36 - did not pay attention to
N28x2 - nerve related
P36 - peasant
R32 - one who goes back on a promise
S36 - plant genus
S32 - false malicious statement
S32 - thin
11:34 am

Okay, here they are:

1 x 10
1 x 9
10 x 8 (one of the biggies was missing)
20 x 7
54 x 6
100 x 5 (that's the other one)
121 x 4
11:38 am

C/36 open spaces in a defensive wall
11:39 am

There's a R7/36 meaning Exercise of sovereign power, as by a monarch (found by my East half) :-)
11:42 am

Thanks, sprite, for the counts and others for the clues!
11:43 am

Oo, and G/40 common or descriptive
11:46 am

G36 currency; sounds like it should be related to a G5/14
11:48 am

Other 7s:
C36: open spaces in battlement or wall
G40: of an entire group
G36: Haitian currency (plural)
O32: trials
R36: ruled
R32: goes back on a promise
R28: enzyme
R28: insecticides

Good hunting!

11:50 am

Must learn to use that refresh button BEFORE posting...!
Sorry for the duplicates.
12:25 pm

How about N words?

NE4x5, NE5, NE6x2, NE7x2, NE8x3
NO4x5, NO5x3, NO6

or A words?

AE4, AE5
AL4x4, AL5
AN4x2, AN6, AN7, AN8, AN9
AP4, AP6, AP7
12:27 pm

senor but not coeur?
12:28 pm

Guess they like Spanish better than French ;-)
12:36 pm

The As I have:
AL5x3, An4x3, An5

The only extra N I have is an Na5
12:36 pm

AL5 x3
An4 x3
12:37 pm

And An5
12:40 pm

No4 x6
No5 x4
No6 x2
12:43 pm

Aslan should be a word :-(
(I suppose the fact that it's a Turkish word or a name would keep it away, but it should still be accepted.)
12:46 pm

Can I get a clue for the third Ne8? I have the two nerve ones.
12:54 pm

sprite's clue earlier was "related to what this game teaches me everey day" and that's exactly it. It means related to new words. :)
12:55 pm

Oh - it's also actually the first NE8.
1:06 pm

Thanks, testing. That was driving me batty.
1:22 pm

I cant get the A7/48 clue
1:43 pm

The A7/48 is a rather obscure word. I guess it means something like "far away from the earth". I found it when I tried to make "apologetic" - that really isn't there. ;)
1:45 pm

Thanks for that great clue ;-) I wanted to make apologetic too, but at that point I was playing on paper so I couldnt' try other options.
1:51 pm

Yes, I found that playing on paper doesn't really work for me. ;-)
I cannot try words that I do not know, but still look like words - and some words I find aren't valid after all when I enter them. *lol*
1:59 pm

More specific than "far away from the earth" -

In any orbit there are two points defined that are the closest to the center of the orbit and the farthest from the center of the orbit. In general, orbits are not circular. This could be an object orbiting around earth, but earth wouldn't have to be at the center of the orbit.

The A/7/48 sounds like this word that would be at the farthest point of the orbit. It's not that word, but similar.
2:11 pm

does it start with apog
2:16 pm

It does.
And I suppose you are right, testing - for my earthly definition the word should take an a in the ending in stead of an e, I think.
2:31 pm

I cant get it, tried lots of different ways
2:40 pm

Frustrating, I know! ;-)
All letters of the ending are in the right corner of the grid, on the 2 lower lines.
2:41 pm

Have you worked out the points of the letters that must be in it? That will narrow it down almost entirely.
3:12 pm

thanks for the help
3:32 pm

I have 2 N/8s 40 am I missing any
3:36 pm

there's a third N8...see the clues at 12:54 and 12:55 :-)
4:51 pm

Doesn't anyone have any stats for this game. It helps to know what I am looking for.
4:54 pm

Nevermind, I found the stats in the log
7:22 pm

anybody else playing?
7:25 pm

I'm playing :)
7:35 pm

Hi There, I have half of the words, pretty sure that I will not get all of them. But I will keep trying.
7:36 pm

Ya, right now I have 103 for 1477. I won't get all but I'm doing well on the long words.
7:40 pm

I just found the N word meaning relating to new words.
11:39 pm

anyone out there? are there really 300 and some words in this puzzle?