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View Word List Monday, January 10, 2005


2368 Karin
2368 sprite
2368 ewenme
2368 marigold
2213 bumblebee
2203 Milly
2183 testing
2166 onyx
2109 ladyles2763
2005 Charli
1991 keadyj
1977 bigbirdboss
1973 starchaser
1890 smoove
1867 rhea
1827 cathycal
1824 Stephanaki
1662 farz
1658 Michelle
1600 SummerBreeze44
1567 momo1010
1554 tourmalinity
1537 parsec
1518 Treble99
1451 svejk
1433 Wendrie
1396 Daisy
1395 MammaJill
1308 jan
1279 fit1
1218 periwinkle
1194 Achates
1194 rainlindsay
1192 busymom
1165 CalamityJames
1162 minette
1138 iluvtigs
1138 eddie
1125 snacky
1091 baggo
1064 granadan
1054 fancy
1016 dicktrickle
988 RoRo
987 sally
961 fixitfmly
944 pam
934 cycscalz
932 jennyb
931 stevedallas
905 Fia
893 lawyer-1
860 Egregious Jones
857 hello
830 nyredneck0308
787 alimaya
778 gcmgolfnut
741 BIA
726 snozrap
724 4t8
722 hellorady
675 rachels_ratty
662 dspike
653 erindee
619 a1axmama
562 a1axelady
554 michelley
532 suzie
525 angsthase
498 rightmoon
494 Abheek
482 Stin
469 gurgle
463 Jumpy Girl
405 Judi
401 sheffner1982
366 jmurdock
361 illusion
344 KAMS
331 shanea
323 cle
311 Xinyi
299 vido1970
276 aimless
257 linda
254 Ray
242 Shona
227 ro_man99
224 AndrewW
222 Cindy
221 Sté
206 ansalon
205 Dragoncarer
203 fifi
163 mzpebblezz
156 Swtbtrcup
137 clotho
131 sophie101
114 Matthew
112 cashew
111 incender
108 cheese
104 Assa
83 Carly
26 Junttura
25 Nitsur
18 BooMom
17 Buttercup


12:56 am

Not a very favorable board, tonight. After months of not playing, I come back to a board like this. No shock, I guess.
I think I'm done for tonight.
1:08 am

Well, I lied. No surprise there. I never leave on the first note. Guess I can say that the best I could find were seven letters, two of them, both worth 40. Good luck everyone! See you tomorrow for the finish.
1:10 am

Good night to you (it's morning here). You missed two nice grids, yesterday and the day before. Hope next round will be more fun for you.
1:31 am

morning whoever is on!
1:31 am

only got 25 words so far... only 3 - 6's :-\
1:33 am

55 words, 5 x 6 now. Haven't yet found CJ's 7s. Can't be a big grid, nothing really interesting yet either. Guess we got spoiled, the last 2 days. ;-)
1:38 am

P7/40 ... but not much else either :(
1:41 am

Thanks, found it right away!
So far, I like the i6 and U6 best.
1:49 am

found the i6 and u6, thanks! Now for that other 7 ---
2:04 am

P8/60 :)
2:05 am

2:10 am

M7/44 and M7/36
There are more words in here than I expected. Could be a bigger grid than yesterday's.
2:23 am

There's another i6.
Also A7/36.
2:31 am

LOL! P8/90... thanks to my son, who thought he recognised something from his favorite TVseries.
2:41 am

Yet another 8: N8/55 - roundworm.
2:58 am

thanks for the clues sprite, I have found the 8s but still working on the 7s -- will have to resume tomorrow. On another note, on a recent trip to Amsterdam, I enjoyed watching (and only watching) Japanese cartoons dubbed in Dutch :)
good night!
6:33 am

ty sprite, called my son in and he found it too.
7:32 am

There's more here than meets the eye. How do you find the stats?
8:06 am

Are there really two P 8s? One for 60 and one for 90?

I've got a rather useful N 8 - I use them in my garden ;)
8:09 am

I can only find 1 P8
8:10 am

P8/90 I have found
8:11 am

That is the one I've found - I'd find it in my garden but I suspect some people find it reminds them of a tv programme ;)
8:13 am


8 3
7 5
6 25
5 40
4 90

total 163
a 13
d 20
e 8
h 9
i 5
k 5
m 22
n 11
o 11
p 18
t 26
u 1
w 14
8:16 am

Thanks for the stats Sté!
9:22 am

good n8. the lab next to mine studies them!
10:39 am

Since I don't have a son may I please have a differnt clue for the P/8.
10:44 am

North American plant with a poisonous root.
10:45 am

10:51 am

Found the P/8, Thanks
4:04 pm

what does the third 8 letter word starta with, please
4:14 pm

There are two p/s and an N
5:30 pm

Do a lot of people playing babble get all the words from knowing the words or do they get help from sites/people? or both? Just a thought running through my mind.
6:36 pm

I have two of the 8 letter words, the worm and the plant. May I have a clue for the last one.
6:46 pm

I'm stuck on it too. :-(
6:59 pm

got it! it is a P/5/14 with a grown boy added on to the end. hope that helps.
7:15 pm

what a great clue, star :) Thanks
7:21 pm

NP :-)
8:47 pm

Argh. What is the second letter of the P8 TV show/garden thing? I don't garden or watch much TV. I'm thinking also the TV series may be different here in Canada. Anyhow, please help??
8:53 pm

It's a Po. It's not the actual name of the show, but close to it, and it contains two words that can be counted as two seperate words in the puzzle. (1st part: something you do to someone to get their attention or to annoy them, 2nd: a plant that sometimes just won't die no matter what you do to it. pesky little suckers). . .
Hope that helps, and hope it wasn't too much of a clue. . if it is and it's a no-no here, Sorry.
8:53 pm

8:55 pm

The only p/5 I have is point. May I have a clue for the correct p/5. Thanks.
8:55 pm

Got it finally! Thank you Peri and Star...I finally figured it out. I had gone down that road a few times, but being unfamiliar with the item itself, kept missing it!!!
9:00 pm

starchaser, what is the second letter of the P word, I obvioiusly do not have the correct P/5.
9:02 pm

Peri, are you looking for the P8? or another P5?
9:05 pm

I alread have the P/8 that is a plant. I am looking for the second P/8 which starts with a P/5. I only have one P/5 and do not think it is the right one.
9:06 pm

peri -- both begin PO
P8/60 -- the guys out in front
p8/90 -- A tall North American plant (Phytolacca americana) having small white flowers, blackish-red berries clustered on long drooping racemes, and a poisonous root.
9:06 pm

Not liking this puzzle much. Stuck at 85. :(
9:07 pm

Make that 82.
9:09 pm

P/5 hint for the P/8: something you do to show direction, or to show a specific person/thing far away, or to pick something by a hand motion. this P/5 can have letters added on to make a P/6,7, and the P/8.
9:10 pm

58 more to go. . :-) Let's see if I can finish this one.
9:11 pm

Finally got the 2nd P/8. I had the idea but kept trying the singular ending.
9:17 pm

Ooh, sorry Periwinkle. Have three year old, must potty train...
Wasn't ignoring you, really. Glad you found the P8.
11:45 pm

did anyone get the vegetable?