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View Word List Monday, February 21, 2005


775 Gail
775 Stevo
775 stevedallas
775 bumblebee
775 Daisy
775 marigold
775 inbonlee
775 bigbirdboss
775 Karin
775 periwinkle
775 Milly
775 Treble99
775 tmeses
775 tourmalinity
775 metags
775 testing
775 sprite
775 Krys10
775 fit1
775 jan
775 teddy bear
775 liz
775 Atalante
775 lawyer-1
775 claws
775 dicktrickle
775 Michelle
775 Mal
745 Peter
738 jo145
726 atlatl51
672 Vivek
623 lodge
615 etheo
606 pam
603 Mary
544 sally
540 Alti
529 aemery
524 krysia
523 runningforhome
513 onyx
487 Christine
462 Annette
454 cz
437 baggo
434 Judi
429 erindee
423 Jimbo
422 Fia
413 Stephanaki
412 Fantasy
389 mmc
378 jhaler
372 boatierra
363 Dimples
361 a1axmama
352 ruth
276 muffin
257 Jumpy Girl
252 cashew
247 Egregious Jones
236 parsec
231 clotho
228 Janice
227 iluvtigs
221 milkieman
209 hello
195 incender
187 whoisit
177 Kishka
176 bess99
166 granadan
147 Snowball
147 SheilaT
128 4t8
127 kdl
125 amgreet8
123 Leo
123 Sté
108 Xanika
107 loco
106 Abheek
96 mom23
91 Janice B
82 whatever
69 roofus
58 jovilamonk
57 The Braker
47 cle
43 shansun
40 eddie
35 Joanne2004
34 Xinyi
24 hellorady
15 koReanBoi
7 Junttura
7 sophie101
7 Lynn
7 maudlin
7 redsoxfan333


12:05 am

Wordracer says only 43 words in this one! No 8 letter words, only one 7. (These stats are not always accurate - perhaps someone will do the detailed stats)
12:08 am

T 7/56
12:20 am

maybe Babble is giving us a break after yesterday's monster? :)

W6/63, 6/72
12:24 am

feeling tired though fatigue w5 gives u 40 can i have a clue 4 the w6 and the 7 please
12:54 am

T7: person with very light colored hair

W6x2: refer to breathing difficulties

1:14 am

Ah-oh... you know it is bad when clues are given for 6-words ! Missed playing, though I had a wonderful (kidsfree) holiday - let's see if we can find all 43.
1:21 am

welcome back, sprite! You would have liked yesterday's 300+ word grid -- this one is not as fun. But there's always another big one in the near future :)
1:24 am

Thanks, metags! :D
Too bad I missed such a huge one, but you are right, there will be more. I found 12 words so far and they are not coming easy... such small grids are a challenge all by themselves ;-)
1:44 am

T6/36: north american bird, also called chewink, ground robin.
2:11 am

i'm at 26 words...547 points is not bad...but no WAY am i finding 17 more words
2:14 am

30/621 here... and about stuck.
2:19 am

same here at 32/605, only looking at the grid sporadically to see if a fresh look once in a while would help ;-)
2:20 am

well, the good news is that we have at least a few words that are different because i have 30/608 now
2:27 am

A funny W5/22: tropical marine food and game fish
I am close now, at 42 words, so I'll list what I have.

A -- 3
D -- 1
E -- 1
F -- 3
G -- 6
H -- 8
O -- 3
P -- 1
T -- 2
W -- 12
Y -- 2

------ so far 42/762

7 -- 1 (T)
6 -- 3 (T,W,W)
5 -- 10
4 -- 28
3:13 am

Found another H-word, 4/13.
Scottish word for meeting place, has appeared in grids before.
43 words / 4.44 / 775 points.
3:54 am

Could I have another clue for the T7 please, cant get it from that one. Thanks
6:50 am

Sprite, your stats are OK ( 43 words)!
7:16 am

I have A4/10 can anyone help with the missing ones please.
7:22 am

Thank you, Ste!
So then we have:

H -- 9
4 -- 29

Glad I don't have to hunt for some obscure missing word ;)
I found the Scottish word hard enough, although I had seen it before.
7:24 am

Treble99: for the 7, think of that on which those blond hairs are attached. It is a compound word.
The As go: 5/14 - 4/5 - 4/10.
8:58 am

Thanks sprite I will try and find the As I found the T7.
9:04 am

I have F4/7 and F4/10 can you help with the missing one also are there 9H words. Thank You
9:28 am

I have the F word now just missing 1H I think.
9:38 am

yes there are 9H words
9:40 am

9:42 am

2x5, 7x4
9:58 am

I'm down to 1 h and 1 w. Here's what I have: wa4, wh4x4, wh5x2, wh6x2, wo4, wo5x1
he4x2, he5, ho4x3, ho5, hu4. Can anyone help me end the misery :)
10:32 am

fit1, I just finished my H's - I have ho4x4.
10:33 am

All the HO4's are fairly common words except for the Scottish one sprite referred to earlier.
10:38 am

Thanks Krys. I had the hard one, and i was missing one I thought I had typed in earlier. Apparantly I didn't. So now i'm down to a w, which I think is a w5
10:48 am

I found the last double. And I'll say that word because I am done, done, done.
10:48 am

oops, that should read I found the last w
10:48 am

fit1, it's a WA word, a fish word described earlier, and I felt like crowing it when I found it!
10:51 am

fit1, you are missing the W5 I mentioned at 02.27 am. It comes before all the other Ws and I found it by trying other startingletters for a well known Y5 email service ;-)
10:52 am

Ah, well... better late than never. Congrats for finishing!
10:56 am

Thanks for coming to our rescue, sprite. I'm done! I'm gone!
11:47 am

i seem to be missing a g/5....i have ga/5 x 2....can anyone help?
11:50 am

got it by counting's a g5/14 if you're curious
5:02 pm

I found an h/4/13 with no meaning in Is it the scottish word?
5:03 pm

It is. I remember it from other puzzles.
7:04 pm

I can't find the D word. Hints please.
7:10 pm

I have been looking for the d word all day, can't find it at all...
7:20 pm

It's probably some obscure word we have never heard of.
7:26 pm

I don't believe there is a word. I just can't find a thing.
7:28 pm

It's a 4 letter word. I am only missing two words. The d and one g/4.
7:36 pm

d word: A lateen rigged sailing vessel used by arabs
7:41 pm

No there is a D word, though it's one that I've never heard before. Got it by luck only, it sure as heck wasn't skill. Let me see if I can give a clue that will help you...Here is the definition off of the site.
n. Nautical

Any of various lateen-rigged sailing vessels, typically having a raised poop, a raked stem, and one or two masts, used along the coasts of the Indian Ocean.
n : a lateen-rigged sailing vessel used by Arabs

That's the best I can do to help you without giving it away.
7:42 pm

Ah someone beat me to the definition. :D Must have posted while I was looking it up for you all. :D
7:43 pm

Once I saw the word, I knew it. I have seen the word before.

I'm done, first one I finished completely. Of course, it was a small one and it took me all day. Good thing the boss doesn't care what I do.
8:27 pm

Can someone please tell me how you know how many words there are in each puzzle? Where does it tell you? How do you know when you are done?
8:27 pm

What is 'wordracer'?