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View Word List Sunday, May 8, 2005


924 dicktrickle
924 baggo
924 sprite
924 Krys10
924 fit1
924 jan
924 periwinkle
924 Karin
924 Treble99
924 onyx
924 Bash
924 ruth
924 Mal
924 roxanne
924 wilson27fan
924 marigold
924 lawyer-1
924 claws
924 tedybeth
924 j4badger
919 dromano66
915 speedfreak
909 Gail
907 tmeses
884 izzy
857 smoove
851 farz
849 bigbirdboss
840 Mary
812 pam
752 SummerBreeze44
739 sally
734 queenie
728 Egregious Jones
707 DarleenMB
694 Boo
681 adstrub
679 ansalon
662 aj
657 carolecs
634 xena
622 shattered
607 Atalante
573 iluvtigs
572 Janice B
567 amgreet8
556 Andrea
554 BonnyDawn
541 Annette
510 boatierra
503 Tim
499 70sumbug
481 murdermostexotic
480 SweetTooth
477 Cherrypop
476 Barb
455 gcmgolfnut
443 Janice
428 Raven
413 babs
388 rainlindsay
387 sanj
384 renee
365 rebelangel
354 jen
352 pennypooh
347 lbav
342 EspritdJean
303 youngster
280 bibigoogles
254 clotho
253 Mandy
234 Huh
231 Jumpy Girl
226 audchu
222 berna74
203 a1axmama
202 Xinyi
194 kdl
192 jj222
184 MerLi
158 RFH Irvine
148 obaby530
137 bane221
136 lauren
130 Lisa
104 NikiCui
88 hellodolly
82 Bob
73 jackula
52 jabi
44 punk_rocker17
30 Stin
22 katieanne


1:39 am


8 - 1
7 - 1
6 - 9
5 - 18
4 - 47
total: 76
C - 4
D - 9
E - 3
i - 3
L - 2
M - 3
N - 4
O - 1
P - 4
Q - 1
S - 20
T - 11
W - 7
Y - 4
2:06 am

Thanks Krys10 :)
2:42 am

Today I can play! I really regretted being too busy yesterday, the grid looked so promising. Thanks Krys10, for the stats!
2:53 am

c/7/44 leading to c/8/60
2:57 am

All I have to offer so far is S6/36 x 2 and S6/27.
3:03 am

Found the 7-8 combo. Nice find, izzy! Never thought of taking that direction myself.
And adding i6/21.
3:07 am

3:33 am

O6/21 related to the i6
3:41 am

and a w/6/36
3:58 am

S6/18: the woman with the ample bosom is back!
4:57 am

One more Y, two more Ws, one more S... why are those last ones always so elusive? And why, when I finally find them, are they so obvious?
5:00 am

ruth, thanks for your clue yesterday re the c/8 word but I had logged off by then.
5:02 am

Sometimes complaining helps :D
76 words / 4.57 / 924 points
9:10 am

I did it!!! I finished this baby. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY
10:09 am

Sprite,yesterday when i asked that question I did not mean anything by it,I do appreciate the stats I was just wondering how u did them because sometimes there are know stats when i do mine!HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ALL!!!
10:27 am

Can someone share a clue for the c7? Thanks, and Happy mum's day to the mums celebrating!
11:06 am

Thanks for the stats Krys10
11:28 am

I beolieve the last six hasn't been mentioned: it's a D6/27.
12:22 pm

All these words where the second letter is 'i' are killin' me!!
12:23 pm

wilson27fan, I can't find anything unpleasant in your question of yesterday! Since it is the counting that takes up most of the time, I tried to find a way to let a computer do that for us. A friend of mine made the statmaker for me. You are all welcome to use it and save yourself some trouble. :D
12:28 pm

As for the 7-8 combo: I actually thought it meant something like "the act of making an exact duplicate".
But it doesn't. *lol* I'd better learn some more english...
The 7 is "a succession of rapidly alternating muscular contractions and relaxations (abnormality in neuromuscular activity)".
The 8 is the plural.
12:32 pm

thanks for the clues - I like YOUR definition! Helped me find them right away. :)
1:41 pm

ruth u on????
1:59 pm

im stuck on c's i have c4/6
c5/14... can any1 help??
2:04 pm

2HOTT, see sprite's clues at 12:28? Those will get you the other 2...
2:07 pm

just found them... thanks for the hint anyway Bash! I really should start being abit nosey and read the chat for hints!! what country is it mothers day???? HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TOO THOSE WHO IT IS FOR!! UK had mothers day already in march.
2:07 pm

if those clues don't help, think of: the state of being dolly the sheep. Then make it plural. :)
2:08 pm

going slow at 66 words...
2:08 pm

Do you mark mother's day on international woman's day (mar 8)?
2:12 pm

havent heard of that b4???
2:12 pm

It's mother's day in the US
2:12 pm

havent heard of that b4???
2:13 pm

r u in usa??
2:13 pm

Ah. I guess it's really only a big deal (int'l womans day) in Russia, then.
2:13 pm

yes, san francisco
2:14 pm

i need
d -1
e - 2
p -1
s -4
t -1
w -1
y -1
2:16 pm

wots it like in san fran??? was thinking of a family hol 2 usa but its frightning now days???
2:16 pm

you have more than me, so I may not be much help. I have 2 e4/5s - the only one where I have more than you.
2:18 pm

san fran is good. cool weather, friendly people, not like the rest of the us politically, etc. Very expensive, but you have the good end of the exchange rate right now, so it's a good time to visit.
2:21 pm

Sorry, I have to take care of life for a bit, so I'll be away for a while. Good luck with the grid, HOTT. nice chatting with ya!
2:24 pm

ok chat 2 u later!! have a good day!
3:21 pm

Poems for Every Mother


M is for the million things she gave me,
O means only that she's growing old,
T is for the tears she shed to save me,
H is for her heart of purest gold;
E is for her eyes, with love-light shining,
R means right, and right she'll always be,

Put them all together, they spell "MOTHER,"
A word that means the world to me.

--Howard Johnson (c. 1915)
3:21 pm

I Love You Mom!

Mom's smiles can brighten any moment,
Mom's hugs put joy in all our days,
Mom's love will stay with us forever
and touch our lives in precious ways...

The values you've taught,
the care you've given,
and the wonderful love you've shown,
have enriched my life
in more ways that I can count.

I Love you Mom!

--Author Unknown
4:17 pm

Hi all, Happy Mother's Day, thanks for the poems 2Hott. Now for the important stuff, need 2 clues, please,
T6/24 and W6/36. Advance thanx.
4:42 pm

missing one i , have i 6 and i 4 any help would be appreciated
4:43 pm

W/6 - 36.
One that is thin, frail, or slight. A small bunch or bundle, as of straw, hair, or grass.
Hope that helps... use that word for a w/4 then add 2 letters (vowel + const)
I am missing the T/6 would like a clue myself!!
4:50 pm

onyx - I have two i's. i/4/4, i/4/6.

Hope that helps.
4:51 pm

T6 is how you should walk through the kid's bedroom when they are finally asleep.
4:53 pm

thanks mulher, got it. wasn't that one in a puzzle earlier this week?
4:57 pm

i want more words!
4:58 pm

LOL @ onyx!
Doesn't do at all, does it, a grid of under 100 words...
5:05 pm

sprite: ur t6 clue was great thanks loads. : )
5:06 pm

Stuck on E, P and Y!!
5:08 pm

PLEEEASE Heeelp!!! its so frustrating!! my hubby said im addicted??? i need 2 go 2 babble-holics annon
5:08 pm

I have all the Y's - all Y4's, points 8, 7, 9, 9. I need help with the last D: i have DEx5 and Dix3.
5:14 pm

D/4 (5 points)
A colorless, oily liquid, C12H17NO, that has a mild odor and is used as an insect repellent

Yi x3 4 letters for 7, 9, 9 points)

Can u help???

5:15 pm

sorry u have that d let me get a clue for another!!!
5:17 pm

The Y that you're missing is a ethnic slur (slang)
5:18 pm

yi4/8 - The passive, female cosmic principle in Chinese dualistic philosophy
5:20 pm

i think you're talking about the Y4/7.
5:21 pm

OOps, you're right, sorry. The ethnic slur is just one letter different! Hope you find it, HOTT!
5:23 pm

A regulated selection of foods, as for medical reasons or cosmetic weight loss.

To plunge briefly into a liquid, as in order to wet, coat, or saturate.

Use the word found with the above clue and swop the laST letter!!! (sorry brain not working)

To prepare for action or use; to make ready; to dight.

Hope these clues are ok??/!! I clicked on the icon next to the word to get a definition
5:25 pm

i found my D, thanks. Just one more P and I'm done for the day...
5:26 pm

Bash Ihave that one
5:27 pm

I need a E, P and Y then im done... can any1 help??
5:39 pm

2HOTT Thanks for the Mothers' Day poems just returned from visiting my mother and now I can babble that is my treat from my family without them teasing me about being addicted!!
5:44 pm

I only need a "P" word!!
5:45 pm

have y4/8, y4/7, y4/9x2 - I think I'm confused as to which one you're missing, HOTT. Please let me know and I'll try to help.
5:46 pm

Oops, too late. I'm missing several P's... :(
5:46 pm

speedfreak ur welcome. enjoy ur day!! us mothers deserve it!!
5:47 pm

Bash thanks loads for the offer of help. Its so nice how some people on here are so friendly and helpful.
5:47 pm

WAIT! I have all Ps! p4/7x3, and p4/6. What do you need?
5:49 pm

does anyone know wot i need??
5:49 pm

you're missing a pe/4
5:50 pm

one pe/4 has to do with feet. The other is what you did after you drank a lot of water.
5:51 pm

im missing a 7 pointer then do u have a clue for that please bash???

My hubby is in stitches laughing at eddy murphy doing stand up!!!
5:53 pm

THANK U SO SO SO much Bash, Im finished!! is there anything i can try 2 help u with b4 i go???

Bash: age, gender??
5:54 pm

That 7 is a c/7 - the log has a few different clues for it.
5:55 pm

Unfortunately, I have to leave again for a bit, but thanks for the offer to help! I'm female and 41...
6:11 pm

im female 27

mayb i can help u 2moro then!! thanks again. good night from UK.
6:12 pm

Bash that c7 add an s for a c/8
6:46 pm

Need help with i words please. I have i/6/21 and i/4/4. What am I missing?
7:12 pm

has anyone got a clue 4 the s/18 and an e 4 4
7:18 pm

e4/4 - forever and ever; ages
7:19 pm

s6/18 - curvy, buxom
7:23 pm

have n4/4x2, and n5/16. Any clues to the last one?
7:25 pm

bash i have the e/4 and the e/5 which one am i missing please
7:32 pm

think of name change 2 lettter and drop the e
7:36 pm

two e4/5s here - one means to revise; the other is an acronym. (I found it by noodling.) Think of a word for an assistant, then swap out the first letter. Hope that helps!
7:37 pm

bash did that help and can u help me with the first 2 letters and i meant the word name
7:37 pm

Yeah, helped - thaks. Look for ei...
7:40 pm

thanks bash your a real gem goodnight
7:57 pm

w6 past tense of a w4 for 9
8:09 pm

okay, i need an S and two T's, two of which are 5 letter words....i have si5, so5, sp5x3 and sw5...and te5, ti5 and to5....anyone know what i'm missing??
8:52 pm

Just getting back, was taken out to dinner for Mother's Day, wanted to thank you 2Hott and Sprite for the clues, got them both.
9:10 pm

hi all.. i have 2 more w words to find and they're killing me! i have 2 w4/9 and their past tenses, as well as w4/8. any help would be great!
9:19 pm
dicktrickle're missing a w4/7 and its past's a scottish word meaning blame, or fault....sounds like one side in a chess match, though
9:41 pm

thanks so much! very helpful, i found both
10:22 pm

I'm at 71 words! Need 1d and 4s.

have 6 d4, 2 d5
7 s4, 6 s5, 3 s6

any help?? please! thanks a lot!

10:22 pm

okay, i'm an idiot....found them all
10:23 pm

you need a d6 that's a plural of a d5 - dealing with gods and religion
10:28 pm

2 more s's! thanks guys
10:34 pm

there are only 76 words?
10:34 pm

I've never been closer to 2/3s done with one of these. But thanks to the clues here, I've finally completed one. Many thanks for everyone's help! I have to head off for a bit, but will try to check back later to see if anyone needs any last minute clues. WooHoo!!!
10:39 pm

yes, I agree with Bash. i started 3 days ago, now i'm hooked. this is the first i've finished. thanks for everyone's clues. happy mother's day!
11:56 pm

thanks all for wonderful clues.. i got on very late today and it was a very easy puzzle for me to do....thanks a bunch