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View Word List Friday, May 20, 2005


2470 wilson27fan
2470 Karin
2470 testing
2438 claws
2416 marigold
2404 izzy
2334 ruth
2193 baggo
2190 Treble99
2189 Michelle
2103 boober
2003 fit1
1963 Stephanaki
1952 Gail
1928 SweetTooth
1805 tedybeth
1700 Mary
1577 MammaJill
1574 lawyer-1
1388 mr me
1374 carolecs
1353 leef34
1341 sally
1330 j4badger
1325 EvaNadine
1276 Daisy
1275 SummerBreeze44
1246 periwinkle
1225 bigbirdboss
1194 Janice
1176 iluvtigs
1172 Egregious Jones
1162 buncat
1131 roberts1
1107 Andrea
1039 adstrub
1010 gcmgolfnut
973 speedfreak
966 mom23
934 Faye
930 Jefe
919 dzedlajga
911 Janice B
907 70sumbug
900 Bash
899 babs
893 RFH Irvine
885 pam
875 Barb
858 jen
841 boatierra
800 eshadow
765 erindee
689 daisy
686 busymom
686 Annette
681 amgreet8
680 Tim
647 incender
633 Dimples
610 smoove
608 suki
597 floradivine
593 Vicki
581 christinalepre
572 sarcasticah
544 DarleenMB
532 roxanne
523 onyx
519 jj222
504 Jeelyjar
494 Jumpy Girl
493 alisec
426 farz
378 obaby530
376 cle
356 sanj
347 BonnyDawn
340 drkielbasa
327 Melody
320 lenny
301 Brenda
300 Achates
291 Lisa
276 scorp98
266 Grace
262 billm61
252 Xinyi
233 Lyndzie
232 Mandy
224 mousemls
221 EspritdJean
220 Wendrie
211 ansalon
202 higgins beaters
160 sheffner1982
140 Joan
133 NikiCui
132 aj
114 hellorady
111 clementine
105 josiah
100 Leo
97 kitz75
87 silverkat
85 kdl
45 mandy
31 witeknightqueen


12:39 am

Not 300+ words today....
12:41 am

W 7/40
12:56 am

E 7/28
12:59 am

1:01 am

C 8/50
1:22 am

M 7/36
2:14 am

I have 3XC/7/36
2:56 am

W/7 44
3:33 am

S/7 36
6:25 am

stats would be good. Thanks
6:33 am

R/7 28
7:07 am

7:24 am

a third c736
7:26 am

A 2nd M7/36
7:39 am

does anyone have the stats yet for today?
8:21 am

Yeah, stats would be a help. I was thinking it was a smaller grid, but it doesn't look so small after all.
8:22 am

so far ive got 82 words, and thats nothing about 6 letters...
8:26 am

210 words, but nobody here to do stats
8:27 am

let me play for awhile, and if nobody does them, i'll go get them and be done for the day....
8:35 am

well I must be totally brain dead today. A hint on any one of the 7 letters would be deeply appreciated.
8:39 am

darleen -- not a defition, but for one of the W7's, think of a part of the body
8:43 am

thanks evanadine. Never would have thought of that. desperately trying to finish as hubby is dragging me off to Red Lodge, MT for a weekend getaway. How will I live w/o Babble????
8:45 am

m7/36 where boats are...
8:46 am

e/7 mt is not one of these states...
8:53 am

thanks for the help. guess I'll have to settle for a low score today ... gotta run. Have fun y'all!
9:08 am

safe journey!!!
9:15 am


A - 18
C - 17
E - 11
G - 14
I - 3
L - 31
M - 23
N - 6
O - 4
R - 21
S - 34
T - 15
W - 13

8 - 2
7 - 14
6 - 30
5 - 61
4 - 103

210 Total Words
9:17 am

thanks wilson!!!! now I can play all day!!!!! you rock :)
9:39 am

thanks bunches wilson!
9:47 am

C/8/50 - a cylandrical storage container

G/8/45 - a mixture of fire clay and ground quartz used to line furnaces
9:48 am

wilson ROCKS! Thanks!
9:48 am

You know you are addicted when I took today off from work since we are going away for the weekend also and I am trying to do some Babble instead of packing and leaving!!!! Hubby thinks I'm crazy!!
9:49 am

wilson is my hero today.
9:55 am

A clue for the T7/28 - russian royalty.

I'm curious - for everyone asking for stats, are you assuming that people are sitting there with stats and just not sharing them because they figure no one is interested? I usually get here after stats are posted, but will post them if they haven't been yet. Seems if they're not posted first thing, people start asking for them. I'm certain people who have them will post them if they're here and see they're not posted yet. :) Or they won't post them at all, even if you ask nicely. I was just curious as it seems funny to me.

Of course, people have also posted before how to get the stats without looking at them, so you could learn to make them. ;)
10:04 am

Does anyone need anymore clues for anything before i leave for awhile?
10:09 am

WOW testing , that to me seems kinda harsh.Yes, I am sure some people do have stats but don't share them.I remember one day that someone got 2 more then what was listed on the stats and did not share that info, so what does it hurt to ask?
10:14 am

I promise I'm not trying to be harsh. I was asking a question because I don't understand the logic.

Some people have stats and don't wish to share them. That's their prerogative, and I doubt they'd suddenly decide to share just because someone asked. Doesn't everyone who's a regular here who reads the chat know that people like having stats?

Other people have the stats and share them if they haven't already been shared. Just seems to me that it's a reasonable assumption that if the people who are willing to share stats haven't yet, it's because they're not here. It's not because they forgot, or they just want someone to ask first.

Apparently that's not the assumption that everyone makes, though, so I'd like to understand why people ask rather than waiting. And I'll never know unless I ask, since assuming things doesn't generally lead to the right conclusions . . .
10:15 am

Oh, and it doesn't hurt to ask. It doesn't bother me - I just laugh when I see it because I think it's pointless.

I didn't say it hurts to ask. Simply asked why. There's a huge difference. :)
10:25 am

Nobody asked you to do stats, so chill out testing, I wont ask again.
10:27 am

Thanks for the stats wilson27fan
10:27 am

Actually, you did ask anybody to do stats, so I suppose I would be included in that. And you may want to recall that I do stats not infrequently, when I show up and they haven't been done yet. I don't have a problem doing them.

And if you read what I wrote, I don't have a problem with people asking. I just don't understand it and wanted to understand. Sue me for asking a simple question I suppose.

You know, I haven't been playing as much lately as I used to for a number of reasons, and there aspects to the game I haven't missed. I think it's time to make today my last day here. It's not what it used to be, that's for sure.
10:35 am

Ok I did ask anyone for stats but you dont have to do them,hope you carry on playing thought. I wasnt being nasty when I said chill out.
10:36 am

You've missed the point, and I won't be back.
10:41 am

Hope I didnt upset you. Talk to you soem time
10:42 am

Talk to you some time soon that should be.
10:46 am

seems to me much ado about nothing it seems a bit childish testing though to say your leaving your stats have always well received.
10:48 am

Would it be less childish to leave and not say anything? Because I'm done here either way after today's puzzle. Lots and lots of things have become less enjoyable about it. I haven't played for the last few days, and I'm realizing today that I don't like it as much as I did before. So, I said so.

If you'd prefer, you can ignore that statement, but either way I won't be here tomorrow, or the next day . . . I'm sure I won't be missed, and that's not my point. It was just a statement of fact.
10:49 am

Testing, don't leave. I for one would miss you. Can everyone just take a breath and stop picking on each other?
10:50 am

There was no picking, actually, just a question. And that's not why I'm done here. If I said why I was actually done here, that would be picking and extremely mean to a few people, so I won't do that.

You'll live without me, I'm sure.
10:51 am

I am sorry if I upset anyone I didnt mean to and I will leave it at that.
10:55 am

Sounds like testing is having her own little pity party at everyone else's expense
10:58 am

for 'testing': Thanks for all the help you've been over the past few months since I've been puzzling. I don't 'post' much - but try to play as much as time alllows. Sometimes my 'real life' does need more attention and I can't unwind with this game. Hope your 'real life' works out so you can play again - I'd miss seeing your clues, etc. from time to time!
11:01 am

Hey, Aunt Beth!
11:01 am

sarcasticah: your cousin graduates tonight!! I may not get any more time on this puzzle --- shout a HOORAH for him - it's been a long haul. But proofing his papers has helped my word knowledge !!!
11:42 am

testing, I will miss seeing your clues and your stats...hope you come back when you can.....
11:46 am

my husband usually gets them for me, and I will post them if they are not already done. I usually try to do as much of the puzzle as I can without reading any posts. Then I go back and see what people have written and what the stats are. I only can get them without seeing them at home, so if I am at work ( i work nights) i rely on others to get them...I don't have them and not post, if i'm on and they are not there it's cause i don't want to see any words and ruin the puzzle for myself.
11:46 am

I think it would be good if Babble made the stats available via a link so people could look at them if they wished to. I personally like to work for a while before I look at clues or stats.

I don't know what it was like before I started playing a couple of months ago, but I love the game - my daughter, her boyfriend, his father and my sister- in-law all play and chat. It seems to be a great group of people who log on every day and it makes my day much more enjoyable. My boss knows I play and even tries to help with words, although she's hopeless with word games.
12:03 pm

i agree would make it much simpler. I just don't like the thought of people leaving a game that they lilke.. :(
12:16 pm

bigbirdboss - You're very funny. And how do you know I'm a "her"?

I don't want pity, or sympathy, or for anyone to say they'll miss me, or that I shouldn't leave. This just isn't much fun anymore, and therefore I have better things to do with my time. How is that so hard to understand? Only a few more words to go to finish today's puzzle, so I won't respond to anything else here.
12:22 pm

not hard at all...take care...
12:29 pm

I think that is the point to remember ... that this is just a game...very addictive but a game none the less.

I think that is really nice when people help each other on here.
12:30 pm

right you are 2hott...
any clues for the a7/28???
12:32 pm


Sorry baggo not found the A/7 yet but as soon as I do I will place a clue if poss.

Hope ur day is going well!!
12:35 pm

yes and yours???
12:40 pm

im getting to that point again where i just keep seeing the same words over + over...might be time to give up!
12:43 pm

A7/28 carried by the wind
12:45 pm

never woulda gotten that. thanks treble!
12:51 pm

thanks treble and for the e6/18 answer also...:)
12:52 pm

heh, yep, i found the E6 as well. ;)
12:53 pm

well done T-99

got some hsewrk 2 do then will b bac!!
12:57 pm

When I take a break from babble my son takes over and comes up with words I have never heard of.
1:35 pm

Back later
2:04 pm

Hello. I'm fairly new to this game but already addicted. My hubby regrets telling me about this site.
Can anyone tell me how to get stats without looking?
2:06 pm

Go down to: At 09:15 am wilson27fan said...
The stats are there.

I usually just have a quick look through the chat 2 see if someone has been kind enough to post the stats...
2:11 pm

Thanks 2HOTT but I'd like to know how to pull stats. That way I can also post them.
2:14 pm

I have
C7/36 x3
E7/28 x1
M7/36 x2
R7/28 x1
S7/36 x1
T7/28 x1
T7/40 x1
T7/44 x1

Does anyone know wot im missing
2:15 pm

SweetTooth: sorry about that... cant help.. I wish babble would just post them daily at the start of the game.
2:28 pm

2:48 pm

2hott..could i have clues for the t7/40 and the t7/44 please....:)
2:51 pm

sorry baggo I musy have been half asleep writing that last message the last 2 on my list are W7/ 40 and 44
2:53 pm

I know Im missing the A7/28 but I cant seem to find it... brain on stand by!! LOL
2:57 pm

see the 12:43 clue for the a7/28

i don't know what you are missing....
3:02 pm

2HOTT I think you're missing another S 7/36 and a
S 7/28
3:05 pm

Sorry I cant help baggo... Yeah saw that clue..
3:05 pm

The solid form of fat s7/28
the s7/36 (one of them?) is related to this word...
3:06 pm

Thanks Sweet Tooth.... will have a look..
3:07 pm

i got the def from not
3:15 pm

im gonna go back to looking for the 4's and 5's and 6's then go back to them last three 7... (a7/28,s7/28)
3:51 pm

I just want to say that I think each and everyone of you are very enjoyable people.The way everyone helps each other out is great.I do not know what testings problem is today but I must agree with the one who said testing wanted her own pity party.Seems to be like testing wanted to be the one to do the stats every day and is upset because so many clues are being given because that is mostly what you see in this chat.Everyone has a right to speak their mind however,saying stuff just because someone ask for stats and then saying u are leaving the site because people reply to your remark is simply immature.
3:56 pm

I couldnt believe what was going on 2day I was quite shocked... like I said at At 12:29 pm... this is JUST agame although very addictive a game none the less.

I think that there really isnt any point in getting in2 petty bickering over it.

It is really nice to see so many people from different countries, cultures and background etc coming together and helping eachother.. Its great.
3:58 pm

also it needs to be remembered that children play this game and it isnt very nice for them to see. What sort of message is that sending out.

Anyway enough of the depressing stuff... Hope everyone is enjoying the game... and good luck. : ) X
5:18 pm

Ruth u on yet???
6:10 pm

Hello all, after reading this big mess today, just wanted to let you know that I do not even want to know how to get the stats as I am sure I will peek which would really spoil the game for me. So meanwhile I will get a glass of R7/28 and enjoy. lol
6:14 pm

Hello Mary, Enjoy the game.
6:15 pm

hi 2hott just come on now its 12.16 are u still there
6:17 pm

Hey ruth!! yeah gal im still here... im the body gaurd! lol
6:18 pm

2hott i have the a7 ring my mobil and ill give u it cant really think of a clue so sorry to everyone else if i come up with one ill post it the first part reminds me of either an english choc bar or planes
6:19 pm

Text me
6:22 pm

hi baggo and mary how u all doing? periwinkle havent seen your name today are u babbling
6:23 pm

Think everyones had enough 2day.. dont seem 2 b any1 on here... text me women!! : )
6:25 pm

cant text phone on blink
6:26 pm

do u have a clue 4 the other??
6:27 pm

I'm dead tired (it's 1:25 am) and I've come up with only 93 words :(
going to sleep, night everybody
6:28 pm

night dzedlajga.
7:22 pm

going 2 bed cant stay awake anymore.. eyes keep going. night.
7:43 pm

ruth, I am here.
8:02 pm

So am I, just got on again, had to visit with a friend for a while. i6/18 is an extension of i5/10. Right now I'm at 140 words and still babbling.
8:51 pm

hi peri good to see a friendly face
9:40 pm

I've never posted anything before, but I just had to say that if what people are posting is making you angry, don't read it.
9:47 pm

I'm a friendly face :)
10:11 pm

I must be really addicted. Just got home from my son's graduation for his Master's Degree!!!!and headed right for the puzzle grid!!!
10:45 pm

could someone please tell me which 7 im missing i have
10:50 pm

ruth: M 36 x 2
11:02 pm

thanks teddybeth
11:30 pm

stuck at 198 words going to bed goodnight everyone x