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View Word List Wednesday, July 6, 2005


2052 sprite
2052 wilson27fan
2052 baggo
2052 Treble99
1999 jan
1991 butterfly
1960 speedfreak
1862 evefuture
1842 Judi
1812 Gail
1621 ruth
1523 tedybeth
1444 Daisy
1387 mr me
1250 runningforhome
1174 MammaJill
1157 Uneaixoise
1085 onyx
1065 periwinkle
1059 shattered
1050 boober
1011 j4badger
983 Janice B
978 roberts1
962 marigold
928 pgoes
895 Mimigus
886 DarleenMB
875 leef34
849 Annette
845 snacky
840 Jeanne
793 queenie
768 Stephanaki
746 rachels_ratty
744 cunningp
741 JeeWhiz
730 inga8227
703 Atalante
697 gcmgolfnut
696 eshadow
693 fit1
691 bigbirdboss
684 pam
680 amgreet8
677 smoove
668 lenny
664 EvaNadine
650 Egregious Jones
646 slowloris
623 iluvtigs
601 gooner
601 Dyani
590 Cherrypop
561 sally
555 jdp
535 momma mary
516 modina
513 youngster
509 cauzneffct
509 cheeto44
507 christinalepre
502 BarbieAH
502 svog
472 a1axmama
459 Jen
451 xena
447 nat
447 adstrub
440 Diarmud
431 BoggleJosh
415 saila
402 louie
400 ansalon
397 MikOto
378 obaby530
377 incender
375 jenbo
367 BonnyDawn
345 carolecs
341 discodave
337 AR
327 ladylycan
310 newby
276 Jumpy Girl
273 Carol
273 4t8
264 Mariafay
259 cle
257 Dimples
254 mama
206 cjustine
187 BMary
162 linda
149 NikiCui
115 lys
111 Fadumo
108 AndrewW
104 ej and Ak
88 rman63
43 antigonestar
26 Mary
12 boatierra
8 KBtoy


9:22 am

Sorry again about the error this morning. I'll keep trying to iron out the problem.
9:24 am
mr me

woohoo! Thanks, Dr_God!
9:37 am

Yay! Thanks Dr G!!! whew. Just in the nick of time.
9:42 am
mr me

9:46 am
mr me

9:50 am

10:15 am

phew! hooray :) thanks Dr_God!
10:15 am

Today's babblestats, and thank you Dr_God, for supplying us with our daily drug ;)

8 x 7
7 x 8
6 x 18
5 x 53
4 x 94

-- 180 words --

A -- 12
E -- 9
F -- 33
H -- 1
i -- 6
K -- 4
L -- 14
M -- 15
O -- 11
S -- 35
T -- 40
10:18 am

Words: 180

A : 12
E : 9
F : 33
H : 1
I : 6
K : 4
L : 14
M : 15
O : 11
S : 35
T : 40

4 : 94
5 : 53
6 : 18
7 : 8
8 : 7
10:18 am

LOL snap Sprite! :)
10:19 am

lol... better safe than sorry :)
10:19 am

10:19 am

At least we know for sure we did a great job, Atalante... it checks out perfectly!
10:20 am

yes! thats always nice to see!

and I totally admit I happened to see that m8/50 while doing the stats - I'm sure I'd never have got it otherwise!
10:23 am

and I'm going to ask my computer god husband if he can write something for the whole process of stats. He's written a boggle solver before, but using a dictionary he's got on his hard drive. If he could hook that up to the one babble uses, we might just get something funky!
10:23 am

Still hunting for that one... so far no luck! Found a perfectly normal T8/40 though, a rather common verb in british spelling. :D
10:24 am

I am working on the same thing! There are solvers enough and my statsmaker is fine, but what we really want is a tool that combines the two without showing the words, right? Just put in the grid and out come the stats!
10:27 am

Yup - we've got that - actually I could ask him to drag out the file and send it over to you if you'd like - you input the grid and out come the number of words - not sure about lengths, but thats easy enough to include. I just don't know how to hook it up to the enable dictionary
10:30 am

I would have to ask the one who made us the statsmaker - and we must get that enable dictionary somewhere. Let's see what we can do!
10:32 am

Yes! I get the feeling its the dictionary thats the sticking point - at least from what husband has written in the past. I'll get him to drag out the files anyway, as a start! I think they're in c++ but I wouldn't swear to that!
10:36 am

i7/28 x 2
10:48 am

Another T8/40, only one letter different from the verb.
10:53 am

Atalante, could you give me a clue for that M8? Can't find it for the life of me.
10:54 am

And clues for the T8's too, please?
10:56 am

For the T8's, think of adding it all up (verb and the person doing it).
11:04 am

11:10 am

There is a 2nd S8/40.
11:16 am

Is anyone else having trouble with the site today?
11:26 am

Got the two t8 words. I can see the suffixes that the big ones will end in, but finding the whole word is a challenge.
11:33 am

any clues for the 8's. i am lost on this puzzle!
11:40 am

I found an F8/55 on the a2z list that means a college of priests in ancient Rome. It's similar to the F7/40.
11:47 am

Wilson27fan: this morning there was that displaying-puzzle-error again, but that is fixed now. Only problem I have with the site, not just today but for some time now, is that it reloads quite slow every now and then. Some ads take much time reloading, I believe, and as long as it is reloading, I cannot type a new word.
12:40 pm

LOL I'm glad its not just me that (would have had) trouble with the M8 ... its got 5 vowels ....

M8: two kinship groups based on unilateral descent that together make up a tribe or society
1:02 pm

Hmmm. The f8 I found says it "pertains to declaration of war and peace; heraldic"

don't tell me there are TWO of them?!
1:13 pm

The F8 I found has no definition if you click on it, but when I googled it, it gave me that definition of college of priests in ancient Rome.
1:26 pm

well whether there's 1 or 2 - I can't find either of them LOL
1:48 pm

well, if the stats are right (which im sure they are) then there can only be one F8
1:50 pm

All right... that one about the ancient college of priests is ridiculously obscure!! Not to mention (take your pick): ridiculously Latin, ridiculously Italian and/or ridiculously Heraldic. Whatever happened to MODERN English????
2:05 pm

Gail, I just googled mine and its the same as yours. I found my definition from the onelook site...
2:25 pm

M8 clue: starts with the french word for "me" and ends with what men wear around their necks (when they dress up). I'll leave the dividing vowel between them a mystery.
2:31 pm

Gaaah. I quit. Too many vowel make me throw in the towel!
3:44 pm

hello all, thanks loads for my birthday wishes the other day. im not playing today... im slowly weening myself off babble. good luck all. have a great day. P.S I also ppassed my driving test on thursday... yes i will post warning of when i am on road. hee hee
3:52 pm

Atalante, thanx! A very obscure word, and hooray! a new one for the collection of words-I-learned-from-babble!
180 words / 4.78 / 2052 points it is for today.
4:20 pm

Urf. I just can't do this one! I've got less than half the words and my willpower is draining away ...
4:57 pm

Wow, what a tough cube
5:23 pm

Whew,took me all day to finish this one,Good Luck All !!
6:02 pm

anyone got any easy clues??? not very good at this only got 4 & 5 letter words!!!
7:54 pm

gooner, if you look at the stats, most of the words in this grid are made up of 4 and 5 letters.
7:57 pm

May I have a clue for the two s/8/40.
8:01 pm

And the o/7/28 and i/7/28 x 2, please. This is a tough grid. I need all the help I can get.
8:05 pm

I only have one of those, periwinkle - an i/7/28. It's very lonely... *hint hint*
8:11 pm

runningforhome, thanks so much. found it right away with your great clue.
8:14 pm

Glad to help!
I found the other i/7/28 - a type of mineral compound, it looks like.
8:15 pm

peri: I have clues for 2 of them.
i7/28: sometimes called dichroite; a silicate of alumina, iron, & magnesia, having a bright blue color & luster.

s8/4-: composed of or resembling the s5/10
8:20 pm

tedybeth, I have several s/5/10. I am not sure which one to try. I am still working on the 1/7/28 mineral.
8:58 pm

periwinkle: the T5 is the one that means: a type of rock that splits into thin, smooth-surfaced layers; or a writing tablet made of a similar material; or a list of candidates running for office. :-)
9:18 pm

2HOTT have added much to the game. Thanks.
11:54 pm

How is 'taoist' not a word?!