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View Word List Thursday, July 7, 2005


1258 Michelle
1258 speedfreak
1258 Treble99
1258 Gail
1258 Krys10
1258 Karin
1258 sprite
1258 boober
1258 leef34
1258 baggo
1248 dromano66
1240 tedybeth
1238 Judi
1234 onyx
1228 fit1
1220 runningforhome
1214 butterfly
1165 SweetTooth
1163 mr me
1090 Daisy
1074 marigold
1072 j4badger
1066 Atalante
1015 Mimigus
1005 Cathy
973 roberts1
933 periwinkle
925 rainlindsay
902 Mary
897 ralphie
896 Uneaixoise
871 shattered
853 MammaJill
799 Janice B
773 ansalon
770 bigbirdboss
750 BoggleJosh
740 Jeanne
739 academiannut
727 BarbieAH
727 modina
697 carolecs
689 EvaNadine
687 DarleenMB
682 momma mary
678 flitcraft
650 Stephanaki
650 inga8227
640 queenie
638 rachels_ratty
615 pam
610 JeeWhiz
603 snacky
575 Dyani
558 lenny
539 elara6
539 amgreet8
538 sally
521 obaby530
516 Jen
510 gooner
509 Carol
507 Owen
503 wilson27fan
503 jenbo
497 Sté
492 lbav
477 motherearth
473 iggy
467 iluvtigs
463 cunningp
449 gcmgolfnut
445 mama
441 dspike
427 jj222
401 fancy
397 Cherrypop
395 Dimples
386 ashleyk
379 cauzneffct
376 diamondgirl
367 pgoes
366 a1axmama
346 vaughne
346 ruth
314 lys
308 christinalepre
299 bluefunk
291 rozimom
283 Egregious Jones
277 jennie
267 Hypothetico
266 minette
265 louie
231 Mariafay
222 newby
193 Mary
175 Kim
171 clotho
162 Territots
161 BMary
142 antigonestar
141 amp
122 cle
120 ej and Ak
101 MPSpiker
99 Jumpy Girl
97 Erin
80 Nikki
69 NikiCui
67 clozrsmom
61 jackula
61 linda
58 fifi
51 4t8
34 Fadumo
27 mystikchick
8 DrEllenG


12:11 am

this looks like a tough one...
12:12 am

103 words today. Hopefully someone will be along with the full stats shortly...
12:34 am

A - 13
C - 13
D - 2
E - 2
H - 8
i - 10
K - 4
L - 19
N - 5
O - 1
R - 8
T - 11
U - 2
W - 5
total: 103
7 - 5
6 - 12
5 - 28
4 - 58
12:37 am

i7/56 - what the hole in old-fashioned school desks is for...
12:47 am

i 7/48--more scratchy
12:49 am

12:51 am

an edible c 7
12:56 am

more clues for the l-7, and c-7 please
12:58 am

got the c
12:58 am

The l/7 involves the stuff that you have to pick off your sweaters.
1:00 am

Babble must not be very good in bed... doesn't even know what a clit is!
1:01 am

runningforhome, i was thinking the same
1:03 am

thanks for the l-7 it
1:04 am

lol runningforhome... so babble is definitely male ;)
Great, puzzle is working and not so big today... I am going to enjoy this one!
1:57 am

If that edible C7 is worth 48 points, I'd say the edible part is debatable!
2:01 am

Guess it must be... found a 2nd C7/48 that isn't edible, I suppose. Related to the cellular, outermost extraembryonic membrane, composed of trophoblast lined with mesoderm - so now you know!
5:44 am

whats happened to the little box that says how many points you get for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 letter words???
5:49 am

Atalante, it has been gone for at least a week, I would guess. Subtract 3 from the number of letters and multiply. That is how I remember it but sadly that requires thinking! :)
5:57 am

Atalante: When the current ads went in, the box went out. We can probably still find it in the puzzle archive link -- ??
6:00 am

I think if you click on Babble rules, it also tells you how the scoring works. I think the problems with the grid started with the new ads.
6:09 am

I know its been gone ... I was just hoping it was going to mysteriously reappear ;)

Thanks for that roberts1 - but you're right, it does require thinking LOL!
6:13 am

It requires all my thought processing to get about half the words so every little bit matters to me. Particularly today!
6:16 am

I'm watching the news reports on the bomb blasts in London and hoping this terrible thing hasn't affected any of our fellow babblers from the U.K.
6:28 am

everything's ok here .... my husband's up in a building right next to Liverpool Street - but the building is structurally bomb-proof - whew!
6:32 am

It's a terrible thing.
6:33 am

I just don't see what they expect to gain from it all ...
6:34 am

I am only able to get news reports via the web which is very slow today, it all begins again, my thoughts are with those in London today not far up the road from me. God Bless.
7:05 am

is there another clue on the "edible" C7/48?
7:09 am

its so hard to wake up and hear about things like this happening all over the world...i have family in london, so i need to call my parents to see if theyve heard if theyre all ok...
7:17 am

c7/48 The small intestines of pigs, especially when cooked and eaten as food.

Some people consider that edible - not me!
7:19 am

ahhh...silly me, i thought babble woulda required the real spelling...
thanks gail!
7:23 am

Just got up, Pray all our babblers are ok!!!
7:41 am

very quiet here in the City of London and have no idea how I'm getting home today
7:50 am

To my English Babble friends. My heart is with you. I am originally from NY, and I know what you are feeling now. I hope you and yours are all OK.
8:15 am

we have all the 7's listed...can we work on the 6'es now?
i dont have any yet!
8:16 am

A6/18 x4, K6/30, W6/39, T6/27, N6/18, L6/27, L6/33...that leaves one more.
8:17 am

sorry make that A6/18 x3 and C6/33 x2....NOW there is only one left.
8:20 am

well, well, well...good work leef!
8:28 am

R6/18 is the last one...enjoy.
9:14 am

thanks leef!!
10:32 am

i am stuck on the non edible c-7.....any clues?.....want to get that before i work on the 6's
10:55 am

modina, sprite gave a definition for the other c/7 at 2:01 am. The word is kind of similar to a word for a singing group.
10:57 am

re C7, here's a definition: an irregular, rapid, uncontrolled, involuntary, excessive movement that seems to move randomly from one part of the body to another
11:12 am

ok, i have looked through three dictionaries....still cant find that last c-7.......arrrggg
11:28 am

re C7, Google it
11:29 am

ohmygosh, I'm so sorry--that was a definition for C6 not C7--very distracted by BBC coverage of London!
11:35 am

re C7 same idea as sprite but different wording: Membrane attached to, and enveloping, the embryo. Defines the extra-embryonic cavity. Performs a major nutritive function by connecting the embryo to the mother.
11:39 am

i found a word that matches that definition....which is what i thought it was....but it is not in the puzzle.
11:40 am

i have tried every variation just doesnt work....i am getting frustrated.....
11:43 am

modina...i got uber-frustrated too....but i finally found it, and so will you...just keep noodling the last 2 letters.
11:51 am

finally got it.....thanks for all the help.......
11:52 am

now i only have 9 more six letter
12:04 pm

heh, i still have 8 more myself
12:24 pm

I only need four more... I'll make a list of all of them (and the sevens) with clues once I'm done. :)
12:53 pm

Grrrr... I found all the sixes and sevens, and had a list of clues all typed out, and then my computer froze before I could post it!
1:02 pm

Okay, here they are, hopefully my computer will be nice this time.

c/7/48 - pig intestine
c/7/48 - related to the cellular, outermost extraembryonic membrane, composed of trophoblast lined with mesoderm
i/7/56 - old-fashioned desk feature
i/7/48 - more scratchy
l/7/28 - more of the stuff you pick off your sweater

a/6/18 - antenna
a/6/18 - bird's wing joints
a/6/18 - related to the previous a/6
c/6/33 - a spicy food
c/6/33 - nervous system disorders
k/6/30 - wearer of a particular clothing item
l/6/33 - Chinese fruit tree
l/6/27 - white crystalline oxide
n/6/18 - nostril
r/6/18 - cyst on the underside of the tongue
t/6/27 - a type of dioxide
w/6/39 - sky/heavens
1:45 pm

Thank you, Runningforhome, great help.
6:12 pm

Thanks so much, runningforhome.
7:05 pm

Holy crap, I actually found all the As. That never happens!
9:42 pm

gooner or 2hott ok???