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View Word List Saturday, May 15, 2004


1402 GeneralVanya
1340 CalamityJames
1179 beluga
1077 Liz
1025 vortex
937 itzie
918 johnsu01
897 sk00by
833 boomrz2
831 refusal
824 ctrl+alt+del
821 Justin
818 RET
804 SeattleSky
801 tommyslax
768 hikat
768 Babygirl
764 Delta
763 tom
760 sally
755 Neeshee
754 Aussie Goddess
754 standby4sue
735 lawyer-1
715 SpaceGhost
696 gotz00
689 maraca
684 Luraison
676 Michelle
675 annie
665 bacchae
650 Bella
631 Adi
630 April
597 angsthase
569 Jumpy Girl
566 dustyfleas
550 pufferfish
542 Jhaiisiin
541 RPStar
531 4t8
526 joyce
514 Christine
513 skittledog
509 ladylikebag
507 pat
499 ejackg22
486 chris
482 sapphie
461 N00dles
458 Magican
455 dspike
448 jmurdock
448 jean
446 emma
433 patty
433 littlee33
407 Tanny
402 Assa
398 ansalon
393 jen
389 jbullock
389 practice
388 babbled
384 Cottonwoolfairy
371 Jimbo
366 dexterfan9
366 Keala
350 Cookie
346 Cheater
342 Drglady
320 elphaba
319 jillian
313 petestein1
310 Z-Tab
303 lion_newbie
300 Fakeroo
298 linus
292 lalika
289 Alti
288 Wes
285 bebelua
283 madeline
282 rhea
280 audchu
262 Morgan
255 Mal
245 loiler
229 qu0s
228 Buster
227 milkmaid
220 Willie89
203 drscottjennings
185 derrr
174 Twisted
157 Beren
153 Patella
152 bryanyoung
148 soulbreaking
121 linda
118 teach_98
110 meggiemoo45
102 K-Dog
71 H
50 academiannut
49 CiCi
43 shcirnuh
22 taxi
13 mod
10 theonleething
9 sam
6 confuzzed


12:09 am

Ouch. No B, E, H, J, K, N, O, Q, V, W, Y, or Z.
12:28 am

Nasty setup, this is.
45 words--4.36--444
12:39 am

May I buy an E.... I could make up to thirty words, depending where the E is placed.....let me have two, please.
12:53 am

stopping at 40. happy to find fives today.
1:00 am

closing in on 60 words, and quickly losing steam
1:09 am

I'm at the lockdown point already. My goodness.
73 words 4.32 670

1:16 am

i am the only one who's said because statim doesn't work and druid's not qute there
1:17 am

really AM tired...
1:33 am

60 and sleepy. g'night.
1:49 am

this makes me feel stupid
1:52 am

No 7's, 8's or 9's
Maybe I'll find some more words after a good night's sleep.(Joey)
2:16 am

70 words, 4.34, 654

C u''s l8r. must find pillow. . . zzz zzz zzz zzz zzz . . . .
2:19 am

correct me if im wrong, but i find it impossible to use the L
2:53 am

80 words/4.35/743
couldn't tear away . . . c u"s l8r!
2:55 am

L = indeed impossible! Grrrrr.
2:59 am

letters are playing with my mind, giving up at 49/4.35/447 but i'll be bak. not bad for my first time?
3:10 am

Okay... Appearently being ENGLISH helps a lot... I'm stuck at 21/4.29/173. :S
4:58 am

Now I'm getting the hang of it...
6:28 am

*grins at Magican* You here from Robin's message board as well? :P
6:37 am

Heh. That's certainly where I wandered over...I wonder how many people's procrastination she's now responsible for...:)
6:39 am

She oughta be ashamed of herself :D *is playing instead of doing work that should be finished in two weeks*
6:42 am

*is playing instead of writing up a project report that's due in 6 days*

Oh this is all her fault...;)
6:42 am


Oh man, I only make 4 letter words. I've got 2 5 letter words and that's it... *sigh*
6:44 am

I know the feeling. Didn't realise quite how impossible a lack of Es makes the whole thing...I'm sure there must be words longer than 5 letters in there somewhere. But where are they?
6:48 am

Eh, can't find them. I've got 20 words now and I think I'm stuck...
6:49 am

28 currently. i just really annoyed myself by discovering how you can nearly make dramatic, but actually can't. Grr.
6:52 am

Haha, yeah, I got that one as well :D Why can't you use a letter more than once *pout*

22, so there's still hope.
6:52 am

You can so nearly make PARADIGMATIC. And COAX. Sigh.
6:54 am

38. I just had a little spree. I wish there weren't so many nearly-words, though. They're really distracting.
6:56 am
Aussie Goddess

Hoy blondie...u with me yet ??
7:06 am

Hmm. There should be bonus marks for really nice and infrequently used words. That sooo deserved more than 12 points. :)

53/4.32/464 and grinding to a halt.
7:12 am

Never far behind :-" Bright Eyes ;;
7:13 am
Aussie Goddess

44 and totally inspired now ;) ;)
7:40 am

40 , and totally inspired as well :)
7:40 am

Hi to anyone who's from Robin's newsgroup/sffnet (I haven't posted in her group, just lurked...)
7:46 am
Aussie Goddess

54 and boggled eyed LOL
7:52 am

63/556 and gone to have a life!
7:57 am

*waves at Liz*

Hello. :)

Gah, I seem to be totally stuck on 54 words at the moment. Brain...where have you gone?
8:03 am
Aussie Goddess

ANyone found a 6er ??
8:06 am

Yup....Just the one so far though...
8:06 am
Aussie Goddess

LAURA ya rotten Scot...LOL Give us a cloo or i'll SHOVE ya ;)
8:09 am

Oh and a seven....
8:13 am
Aussie Goddess

Im stuck on 59 and time for bed in OZ me thinX...
8:23 am

Hi Skittledog! Nice to meet you. You're way ahead of me - brain fried today!

I do have one 6, though (I think it's easier if you are used to British English - I think it's more commonly used over here.)

But there's a 7... oh dear. I may never escape now! (Can't go while there's a challenge like that to be had!)

8:55 am

Grr. I'm british, and still no 6. Or 7. This is annoying. :)
9:21 am

Sorry! I wish I could stop seeing 'damage' (proabably beacause this is damaging my brain...)
9:24 am

I don't care what it says, 'starmap' ought to be a word. So there.
9:30 am

So did strim. My mother has a strimmer. So why can't I strim?
9:35 am

Found the 6! Wooo! 56 words...gosh I'm getting slow.
9:35 am

I tried that too... but I just found about six words all of which I thought I'd put in because I found them on the way to longer ones (if that makes any sense...) I have really, really got to go and do some shopping!
9:47 am

i can only find 4's and 5's. this is sad
10:20 am

too bad aramaic isn't allowed (cuz it's capitalized, i guess)
10:46 am

4 ne1 keeping score, i have 86/4.41/851
11:04 am

there's one 8 and five 7s I've found so far...
11:49 am

if that m was an n, i could get a few words
12:09 pm

Huh - it seems to allow anything the dictionary doesn't capitalise, even when the only definition of a word is as part of a proper name. Interesting - might account for quite a lot of strangenesses.
12:20 pm

I just woke up (so I'm here, naturally). I'm also from Robin's boards. I'm JamethyWilkins, a couple of anonymouses as well (I forget that I'm not logged in a lot).

Wow, much happened while I slept. I've catching up to do.
I'm resuming from 81, 725.
12:44 pm

Wow. .a nice sleep really did me a lot of good. I found one of the six-letter words, but other than that, it's all five and four-letter words. But I don't mind that much.
103 words - 4.36 - 945
12:47 pm

Honestly, though, I'm just happy to have used that X. Stupid X.
12:47 pm

Oh, I forgot. ::also waves to Liz::
1:58 pm

My brain hurts. I've got to go do the "life" thing. I don't know where you guys are getting 8-letter words. That's crazy.

James out:
Leaving with 125 words 4.49 1322
2:07 pm

the only thing i can find with the x is tampax
2:25 pm

sorry to give one away put what is "purs"
2:52 pm

OK I have 711 - how in the world does someone get 1322?
5:04 pm

found a 7 that i didn't know was an actual word ...
5:05 pm

Hmph. 25 words... pathetic. Only one six-letter word, the rest were fives and fours. And I'm rather annoyed that it insists 'prag' isn't a word. Hey, they use it on 'OZ', don't they?!
Oh well. Off to bed. Maybe the nest one won't be so hard (ha!).
6:00 pm

Found the word that uses the 'X' and it's not that difficult after all. Now if I could just find a couple more of the sevens. To say nothing of the eight...
6:05 pm

Read about this on Robin Hobb's SFF net newsgroup and decided to give it a try.
Bad idea. Forgot how bad I am at word games. Been staring at it for an hour & I have 6 words, 1 with 5 letters.
Please.......shoot me.
6:10 pm

Hi Twisted. I found out about it there, too. Sorry, can't help with the shooting part. My editor may shoot _me_ if I don't find a way to give this up, though (big deadline for Friday... oh my!) You know how they call Everquest 'Evercrack'? Well I think this should be called 'Babblecrack'...
7:16 pm

why doesn't this thing allow any latin (botanical latin)? It is driving me crazy, I could have had the X and a 7 letter one at that!
7:49 pm

oh that x word WAS easy! but not as high a scorer as I would like ;(
8:08 pm

Did yall have fun while I was away? =)
Popsicle clue for Twisted and others: Look up to find seven-letter words.
8:23 pm

RET: Scrabble, Boggle, and I go a long way back. Someone gets 1,322 points when one's parents give their child busywork at a young age that includes transcribing pages from the dictionary by hand. Being that comfortable with the dictionary attracted me to games like Boggle and Scrabble early on, and that's where 1322 comes from. Or came from. That score is history, now. ::grins::
9:03 pm

Calamity....i may have to hate you (in a friendly, loving, horribly envious way of course) =)

Think I'll give up where i'm at....finding a 7 was taxing enough at the moment...
9:15 pm

818 - time for bed - good for you calamity - hopefully i'll be better competition for you and others some other time.
9:17 pm

popsicle=ice lolly? (Fruit flavoured ice on a stick... I'm English. Two nations divided by a common language and all that.) Now me, I grew up on Scrabble and cryptic crosswords (Boggle was unknown in our house), but today my concentration is just shot. (I think it's because I know I have other things I should be doing - things that will pay the rent and so on...)
9:52 pm

Not so "hot"-compared to Calamity/ Congrats! Good night (joey)
9:53 pm

I expect that you will be outstanding competition after a week of this or so. You're doing great, already. Each day, just push for 30 more words than the last day. You can do it.
9:58 pm

I'm sad that grampa doesn't count on here. Was I the only one to call my grandfather that?
10:09 pm

Of course, some of us newcomers (mentioning no names, of course...) have found _fewer_ words each day than the one before...
11:12 pm

I have certainly found less words each time I play!
11:22 pm

I meant me, of course! (I came second the first time I played, two days ago; yesterday I came just outside the top ten... tonight I think I'll be lucky to be in the top hundred!)
11:29 pm

Well I came in around 190th the first time, 200th the second time, to 204 now, tonight maybe 210th place! For these reasons, starting new things like word puzzles can be intimidating...
11:36 pm

a tough day today, but at least i spend most of the day outdoors, away from the laptop. as far as the *rankings* i started 40 something, then 30ish, then 20ish, then finally cracked top 20 at 17, but will probably slide down tomorrow. :(

either way, if i play tomorrow, i should be shot.
11:53 pm

I shouldn't have let myself play today, and I really shouldn't play tomorrow. In theory, I do a bit of work then do this and so on. Only today the work didn't happen. Bad me.